Read 5 Reasons why Hamaca Hammocks Are Superior Hammocks.

You might have noticed that there are many hammocks available online today.

So, other than colours, what's the difference ?

Here are 5 reasons why Hamaca hammocks from Hammock Heaven are MUCH better than other hammocks:

1. Hammocks with Cadejos

Cadejos is the spanish word for chains. This refers to the twisted plaits at each end of the hammock. These look beautiful and they help to distribute the weight perfectly which makes a more comfortable hammock. This is common on Colombian hammocks, but not so common on hammocks made in China.

2. Hammocks Made in Colombia

Hammocks have a long tradition in Colombia. Colombian hammocks have some design differences to Brazilian hammocks. One of these is the open loop at the end. This makes it quicker and easier to hang the hammock in different places and again distribute the weight a bit better.

3. Hammocks From Eco-Friendly Cotton

Our Hamaca hammocks are made from recycled cotton. This is many times kinder to the environment than organic cotton. The cotton for your next hammock comes from Mexico where it is spun in to yarn and dyes before being shipped to Colombia to be woven in to hammocks.

4. Hammocks Made by Experienced Happy Staff

Some of the people working in the hammock factory have been working there for 25 years! Staff turnover is very low due to the good working conditions. You can see videos and interviews at the hammock factory here.

5. Extra Strong Hammocks

When we chose the thickness of the fabric and the strength capacity of the strings, we made everything at the highest practical level. This means the hammock fabric is thicker and stronger and the strings will be durable for many many years.

Cadejos on the Raya Family Hammock

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QUALITY Absolutely Guaranteed

A decent hammock will last for many years. We use thicker stronger cotton to ensure our hammocks are the most durable available in the UK. more…

AWESOME Customer Service

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Ethically sourced hammocks

We have personally checked the production facilities to make sure the staff are getting a good deal.  We also use recycled cotton for most of our Colombian hammocks.

Gorgeous designs

Our hammocks use wonderful colour combinations and design features such as cadejos to make them the most beautiful hammocks available. We designed them ourselves!

HUGE range in stock

Whether you want the biggest hammock (Supernova) or a handy travel hammock with built in ropes, or a hammock and stand set that you can set up in 2 minutes, or just some extra ropes, we have it in stock in the UK, so you will get it fast!

HammockHeaven TV

Videos about our hammocks, how to videos and all about our hammock factory, so you know what you are getting and how it is made. Watch this video to see inside our Colombian hammock factory and to find out why staff turnover is so low. Click here