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Pure Silk Scarves moving fast

These pure silk scarves are made in India, in Varanasi to be precise.

Some might say that the healing power of the ganges has added to their beauty.

There are 27 styles of these wonderful silk scarves in stock and they are moving fast, so if you like them, you should visit today.

The price is either £16.99 or £27.99 which is excellent value.

Products Labeling Act of 1939 with more precise definitions of cashmere and superfine wool.

This is in the US. But pretty sure the standard will be adopted glbally soon.. The new law will not only protect consumers from deceptive labels, but manufacturers also benefit in having clear guidelines to prevent potential violation or product recall by the Federal Trade Commission. All the cashmere and wool products manufactured on or after 1st January, 2007 must comply with the act.

Cashmere was previously defined simply as “hair or fleece from the genuine Cashmere goat”. In the latest regulation
additional diameter measurements were set: the mean fiber diameter must be less than 19 microns; the coarse hair (exceeding 30 microns) must be less than 3% by weight of the product; and the coefficient variation of diameter has
to be less than 24%.

So for real cashmere , just visit .

New Silk Scarves on

We have some new silk scarves available from today for you to buy.

They are made in Varanasi (India), and they are very nice to look at. Most of them have intricate jacquard weaves, and are woven in a clever way to show different colours from different angles.

Hopefully the picture on the left demonstrates this point.

These silk scarves cost either £16.99 or £27.99 depending on size and are worth a look.

Visit – and navigate via ‘pashminas and scarves’ .

Maoists Look Set to Win Nepali Elections

I’m not sure how a party that takes the name of arguably the biggest mass murderer of the 20th century gets elected. To me it sounds like calling your party the hitlerists or similar.

Anyway, they are likely to take control of Nepal. Hopefully their policy’s are not like those of Mao. But I am worried that they are based on his ideas, and them being in power will spell disaster for Nepal.