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Full o’ Beans

For those of you lucky enough to have spacious lofts or nice wide living rooms, why not splash out on some real luxury and have the worlds comfiest beanbag hanging from your ceiling?
Le Beanock comes in a few different colours and sizes, so you don’t actually have to have a penthouse suite to be able to have one. Luckily.

Go take a look at this and more on Hammock Heaven!


We used to have a caravan in our back garden when I was small, and us kids would pretend we were on holiday whenever it was sunny. We’d sit in deck chairs (which was ironic as when we actually did go away anywhere, we’d never sit still) and pretend we were away from the daily grind (of Junior school…)

Judith Wood, writing for the Daily Telegraph, has a similar idea. Holidays abroad can be costly stressful affairs, so for those with money or time issues why not treat yourself to a holiday at home? Judith has a list of luxuries that can give you that relaxing break in the comfort of your own home, and we are pleased to say that our lovely Aruba Cayenne hammock is in there, along with the Apollo stand.

If you’d like to read Judiths article (and it is an entertaining read!) you can follow the link below.


“There can be only one…”

Well, you CAN have more than one rug if you like, we don’t mind.

So, did we name our lovely new line of rugs after the worst film ever made, after an area of Scotland, or did we just use a random impressive sounding word?

Answers on a postcard to the usual address. There may be a prize!

You can see more of the Highlander here, along with our other styles.

If you mention Christopher Lambert I might give you 5% your order too.

Please feel free to visit us at

All the best

Hammock in the Headlines

Keep your eyes peeled people…the Aruba Cayenne hammock and Apollo stand will be featured in the Daily Telegraph newspaper this week, so if you want to get an idea of how to spend your summer holidays, look no further.

We’ve been in quite a few magazines and newspapers, in a few countries, but it’s still exciting each time we see it on the shelves, next to all those famous people. We like to think we’re at home amongst all those exclusive types…

I would photoshop Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolies heads onto our models bodies to show you what great company we keep, but I think we might get sued. So I won’t.

Instead, here’s a photo of our Apollo Set…it’s the Apollo stand with a Lambada hammock, for those of you who want a subtler colour than the bright stripes found elsewhere.

The Apollo Set has everything you need, no extra ropes or hooks required. And it can be with you tomorrow! Call us on 0208 123 0557 if you like, or visit us at

All the best

Summer, as seen from a hammock

Welcome back to our blog! Today we are going to talk about summer. Summer and …hammocks. It seems like the world in general is liking the Aruba Cayenne hammock so far this year, and it’s a good choice in our opinion. It’s rich red in colour with stripes in yellow and dark blue, and all in all lends itself nicely to lazing around in the garden with a glass of wine, watching the world drift by.

Sound tempting? It could be how you spend tomorrow! Give us a call and we’ll do the rest.

(Our number is 0208 123 0557. Sorry, wine not included.)

All the best
Hammock Heaven