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Swingin’ Christmas!

For those of you who out looking for a bargain for your little ones Christmas present this year, why not cast your eye over our Kids Swingers at only £47.95?
Not only are they loads of fun for kids from 2 to 5 years, they also look great and brighten up any room!

There are all sorts of accessories you can get to make the Kids Swinger the highlight of your kids yule season, such as stands and swing boards, but even the basic version is guaranteed to bring a smile to their face!

Why not visit Hammock Heaven today to see what else we have to offer?

All the best
Hammock Heaven

New in the Barbados line

Hello and welcome back to our blog!
Hammock season is winding down for all apart from the most dedicated summer-lover, but we hope we can tempt you to treat yourselves to one last autumnal-coloured luxury.
Barbados hammock comes in many colours but we think you’ll agree that the latest two are the classiest of the bunch. The Mocca and the Cappucino hammocks are tastefully coffee coloured and will help you make the most of those quiet moments when all you want to do is chill out.

Perfect stocking fillers too, for those already thinking ahead!

They are just £39.90 each and if you call today they can be with you tomorrow with FREE Delivery! So what are you waiting for?