Monthly Archives: July 2009

A bit far fetched…

Imagine if you will, the end of the world. Nuclear war has destroyed the cities of Earth, and the heat was so great that it melted the Polar ice caps in one go. Humanity has to adapt to the new conditions. Little islands of humanity are all that is left.

Thats what happened to these two. Luckily Mrs Arkleton and Mr Percival had both coincidentally bought floating loungers the day before from Hammock Heaven, so they could ride the apocolyptic tidal wave to safety! Lucky for them that we have Free Next Day Deliveries!

Unfortunately Mr Percival was always a bit cheap, so he got the chair instead of the lounger, and a big scary mutant shark ate his legs later that day. Just goes to show, doesn’t it…

I’m off for a lie down…have a nice weekend everybody!

How not to return a hammock !

If you want to return something , then we are happy to refund you in full. It is not a problem. You should not feel it is a risk to buy something from us. And, as we do not charge for shipping – all the money you paid to us will be returned.

However, and I thought this was quite funny… if you are returning something , please package it so it will get back to us safely. Goods that are damaged on route will not be refunded.
We received this hammock back today… unbelievable!


Rain rain, go away…

Hello there,
Depending on where you are you may be feeling a little under the weather recently… under the rain clouds to be precise. But did you know that hammocks are not only meant for the garden, they also look great indoors too!

Shown here is the lovely Rio hammock, and as you see its not woven flat as most other hammocks…the weaving technique for this one is called ‘Jacquard Weave’ which means its ultra soft and comfy to sit in.

Have a look at it on our site today, and if you like what you see, it can be with you tomorrow!

Our number, in case you have any questions, is (UK) 0208 123 0557