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Savannah Deck Set

The Savannah Deck Set includes a large hammock, big enough for two adults ad is made of padded polyester. the stand can be put together in 2 minutes so it is really easy to move around the house or the yard. It is weather resistant so you do not need to worry about leaving it outside. You can get it now with 20% off using the code SAV20. Available in Chilli and Reef colours! Check them out here


Christmas holidays are over so now its the perfect moment for another holiday away from the cold and snow! The beaches are all waiting for you and when it’s time to travel light and fast, turn to the Travock from Hamaca. The Travock is made of parachute silk (100% Nylon), which is not only comfortable enough for quick naps and evening snoozes, but also packs down to a mere 720grams including ropes and hooks. As a result, it’s a breeze to bring this hammock on long hikes without weighing down your pack. The hammock is also compatible with a sleeping pad, creating the ultimate off-the-ground sleeping solution. Other details include attached S-hooks for easy hanging, a 120kg weight capacity, and a mildew-resistant, quick-dry design. Equipped with a stuff sack for easy transport, the Travock fabric area measures 150cm wide by 250cm long and carries a 1-year warranty.

Hammock ideas

Longing for a relaxing sit in your favourite hammock? No reason not to make the most of it all year round. Here is a great idea from All our hammocks are suitable for indoor use as well and you can see them on

Felt Pebble

This pebble felt rug is made from felted New Zealand wool. The thick lines of felt take about half the dye, so the final effect gives the appearance of colourful pebbles. It is a very dense rug and feels very soft under foot. It is a combination of many colours and we have many more colours available! Benefit of our special offer and get them at 40% OFF with the discount code pebble40