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Hammock warehouse re-opens on the 4th January

hammocks warehouse

You can order hammocks between now and New Year’s, but we will ship them on 4th January.

Everyone needs a few days to chill from time to time! Our warehouse is currently closed, but our customer service and phone lines are open. Call 02081230557 in working hours, or email any time.

We hope you don’t mind, and HAPPY NEW YEAR.

Click HERE for more hammock delivery information.


33% off some wrongly labelled Travock Travel hammock

Travock – Travel Hammock – Dragon

Someone had a bad day, and the wrong name was sewn on to our Dragon hammock.

Makes zero difference to the hammock, but it will confuse everyone here until they are all sold.. so we will be selling them for just £19.95 which is a huge 33% off, and when you consider that it includes FREE shipping in the UK, you have to wonder how on earth we stay in business! for all our on SALE hammocks for that hammock in particular!


Website upgrade SSL

We have just upgraded the website to be SSL – i.e. Secure. This means the URL will start with https instead of http, and the padlock symbol will show.

This makes the site more secure, and it means we can have a single page checkout, so that you don’t need to go to Paypal’s website to complete your order.

It should also make the website slightly easier to find on Google because Google prefers secure websites, and it seems to make the website load a tiny bit faster.

If that is all very boring… here is Caroline riding a camel next to a hammock !

mammoth xxl hammock - hamaca hammocks from Hammock Heaven
mammoth xxl hammock – hamaca hammocks from Hammock Heaven