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Early Uses and Modern Benefits Of Hammocks

Hammocks on a ship - Norasia Alya

The first hammocks came from Latin America over 1,000 years ago. It would eventually become the most common way for people to sleep in the 11th century because it was easy to make, comfortable, and could protect people from the venomous creatures on the ground. Some early users of hammocks even discovered that their bed could also become a tool for fishing.

Early Uses And Modern Benefits Of Hammocks
Colombus needs somewhere to put his ball

By the time Christopher Columbus made it to the Americas in the late 15th century, hammocks were being used throughout the entire region. It was an idea that he would even adopt for his sailors because of its unique advantages.

The Hammock – A Refuge From Rats

Sailors saw the advantages of using a hammock for sleeping right away. It would prevent them from relaxing on a dirty deck, prevent them from falling out in rough seas, and limit the vermin that would sometimes make their way to a bunk. Early explorers and settlers in the various colonies set up by Europe used hammocks as well because they were space-savers. If you were travelling in the woods at night, then you could string up your bed between a couple of trees for some rest.This practice would continue until the early 20th century.

Early Uses And Modern Benefits Of Hammocks
The Maldives is pretty nice in places

How the Modern Hammock Helps Society

We still use the basic concept of a hammock that ancient civilizations were using a millennium before. They provide comfort and leisure while helping us to enjoy the outdoors. They are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, materials, and colours to suit your needs. Hammocks are still a fantastic travel item to take with you.

Camping with one can often provide a much better night of sleep than lying on the hard ground in a sleeping bag. They have come a long way from the time when hammocks were made using the bark of a tree. It is a technology that has stuck around for one primary reason: it does its job well.

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4 Boring Things About Hammocks

Hammock 'Black Edition' Gold - Family Hammocks

Not everything is interesting.

The humble hammock has been around for centuries but what do we actually know about them? Where do they originate from? Why do I sleep better in a hammock?  Well we have picked our top interesting facts about hammocks and have put them all in one place here for your perusal! 

Who invented the hammock? 

Well depending on who you ask you will be either told the Mayans invented hammocks or you will be told we simply do not know. The Mayans invented a lot of things among them something you can enjoy in a hammock – Chocolate! But truth be told no one can definitely tell you who invented the humble hammock! We can however tell you who brought them to Europe – Christopher Columbus! Yes he found the America’s and brought hammocks to Europe!

František Křižík (1847-1941) – An Interesting Czech Inventor

Hammocks give you a deeper sleep

There is a reason you feel relaxed and chilled when you climb into a hammock – and it has to do with the rocking motion in a cocoon that makes you feel like a baby being cradled by its mother that triggers a relaxed and comfortable leading to a deep, satisfying sleep! There is also the question of weight distribution – as your body weight is more evenly spread out in a hammock, there are less pressure points on parts of your body again leading to a more relaxed and deeper sleep!

Raya Family Hammock - Rainbow

They were not always for relaxation 

Modern day hammocks are usually seen as a relaxation tool rather than a work item, but back in approximately the 1500s a century after Christopher Columbus brought them back to Europe the Royal Navy adopted them as beds on board their ships, partly due to space saving but also for the comfort of the sailors as the hammock would sway with the movement of the ship meaning less sailors falling off beds! 

World’s highest hammock

Bit of a daredevil? Like a room with a view? Head for heights? The world’s highest hammock was over 492 feet in the air over a canyon! It was hanging around for a week in 2014 and suspended 492 feet off the ground and 213 feet away from the nearest piece of solid land! Not for the faint of heart! 

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