5 hammock ideas for your garden

Spring is in the air. I just love it when the sun and warmth come out after a long time of cold and darkness. Peoples mood changes. Its amazing to see how it shifts and how much easier and happy life becomes. One of our favourite ways of increasing happiness is of course to relax in a hammock.

Its time to it bring out and enjoy life! Here are some different ideas for hanging hammocks.

  • Use the Siberia Large larch wooden stand that looks impressive in a large garden when you dont have anywhere to hang up your hammock from.
  • A deck set hammock and stand set is perfect for smaller gardens. It doesnt take up much space and contains all the bits you need. The hammock is weatherproof and the Deck set is available at a bargain price. 
  • Two trees in the garden with about 3.5-5 meters between them? Use our tree band hammock ropes and hang up a springy green hammock like Cayo Lime between them.

  • Live in a place in a city without garden? Take the hammock with you too the park! Our travel hammocks are lightweight and easy to hang up and take down with their built in ropes and hooks. Check out the Travock travel hammocks that are available in many colours.

  • Only one tree? Put a hook on the wall like Easy+ and hang with Tree bands from it and the tree that you have. Small garden? Use a smaller hammock like Iguana Lemon.
    We are hammock designers and make our own hammocks in Colombia and India with fair working conditions. As we are the producers you will find that the prices are low for our high quality hammocks as we dont have any middlemen. Welcome to have a look at more hammocks on www.hammockheaven.co.uk
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