A Problem With Hammocks

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The problem is that they are just too darn comfortable…. actually below is a real hammock problem and a real solution.

A Problem With Hammocks
A beautiful hammock !

How to Fix an Issue with a Hammock Bottoming Out

Hammocks will eventually stretch out some over time. Bigger hammocks may extend their length by up to two feet, depending on the age and composition of the product and how often it is used. If given enough time, a correctly-hung hammock can one day have you practically lying on the ground when you use it. Is there a way that you can restore your hammock to help extend its life?

Start By Adjusting Your Hanging Chains

If you are experiencing a lot of sag with your hammock due to stretching, then the first thing you can do to compensate for the issue is to adjust the hanging chains at the end of your product. By shortening the chains, you will give your hammock an extra level of lift that can restore its functionality.

Older hammocks may already have had their chains shortened to a point where you cannot get much lift anymore. In this situation, the rope or product may be near the end of its usable life, especially if it looks frayed or weak.

A Problem With Hammocks
Look… the bottom is close to the floor.. A heavier person would touch the sand!

If the hammock rope looks intact, then you can choose to adjust your hanging height to accommodate the stretching or change the hanging distance if circumstances allow. Remember to keep 40-50 centimetres of space between the ground or floor and the bottom of your hammock for the best results. When you can make immediate adjustments to the installation of your hammock, then you can prevent issues with bottoming out. If these fixes do not work, then it may be time to invest in a new product.

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