Airboard wins Volvo Eco Design Award

The Fun-Care AG funboard was created in Switzerland in 2001 to launch bodyboarding, normally a water-sport activity, on the snow. Ten years of development preceded the market introduction of the first Airboard classic.

The Swiss company’s idea was to create fun sports gear that offered an alternative to snowboarding or skiing; one that gets people out into nature and providing the action and speed they’re looking for without producing emissions.

The Airboard, which is 100% recyclable, was created to be long-lasting and sustainable. With its completely unique design, it offers a breathtaking dynamic on the slopes and represents a new style in winter sports. Using top-quality materials in production ensures a long life for the product, and repair and support services are provided.

Afterwards, airboards can recycled into different sports equipment, laptop bags and other products. Small packaging makes for efficient storage and shipping and transport. No slope preparation is required, and it makes the perfect companion for other winter sports like snowshoe hiking.

Buy online at or call 0208 123 0557.

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