Always handy to carry a travel hammock


We had booked a night train from Surat Thani to Bangkok. It was supposed to leave at 21:32. When we got to the station, our 3 year old and 5 year old were ready to sleep… Just as we had planned.

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Travel hammocks can attach to anything !

We hadn’t planned for the train to be delayed by nearly 2 hours.

2 extra hours sitting on a hard wooden bench with two tired kids didn’t sound like fun. 

Caroline had a quick scout along the platform and found some steel posts about 3m apart. She pulled out our prototype Travock XL double travel Hammock.

img 20150821 211056 742752
The hammock is pretty big, and a lot cleaner than the floor

The kids and mum settled in to the Hammock for a relaxing couple of hours to watch a film.

You never know when a Travock is going to be incredibly handy. They are great for travelling families or anyone on the move.

Travel Hammock at the train station
Travel Hammock at the train station

If I was a backpacking 20 something again, I would take one everywhere.

img 20150821 210802 739868
Rock the baby in the hammock
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