Back from Kathmandu

We have just got back from Kathmandu and India. It was a surpise visit for the guys at the factory. We wanted to check everthing was kept up to standard when nobody knew we were coming. It was 100% good.

We also looked at a pashmina factory of a backup supplier, and it was awful. So we have told him that we wont order from him unless he sorts out the conditions.

Other than that, we checked out some of our new 80% Bamboo / 20% Cashmere designs ( and have lots of new items in this wonderful material due in approximately 6 weeks.

The dyers in Kathmandu are right now busily making 1000 shawls in different colours to chop up and use in our new swatch books. We have carefully selected 118 brand new colours , and will make them available as custom options very soon.

more soon..

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