Bamboo & Cashmere Hammocks

Grenada Single Hammock – Lemon

Here is a ladies v-neck made from 80% Bamboo and 20% Cashmere.

It is not available yet, but will be soon.

It feels amazing.

The yarn is very fine – 60 count. That means that 60 meters of the yarn weighs just one gram.

There are so many benefits to wearing bamboo, you will have to read about them at!

bamboo cashmere v
Knitwear made from bamboo and cashmere

Maybe we should introduce more exotic materials like cashmere, bamboo, camel etc. in to our hammock production. Tell me what you think . Would a cashmere hammock be worth paying for. I think adding about 10% cashmere to a cotton mix would make a hammock that costs about £300.

It is a lot on money for a hammock, even if it is super soft. It is probably only good for indoors, although it might have other good properties like insulation.

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