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Help With Choosing Hammock Stands

Vivere Wood Hammock Stand SPAS10-1

Hammock Stands - A Useful Guide

Why Buy A Hammock Stand ?

The obvious and main reason to buy a hammock stand is because you want to choose exactly where to lay in your hammock regardless of trees, posts or other existing supports.
You might have two trees in your garden, and they might even be at the perfect distance apart. But maybe you want to lay in your hammock in the middle of the lawn without any shade on you.
There are all sorts of places you might want to locate it. Here is a list:
  • To complete a garden seating area
  • Next to a pool
  • In the shade when it is hot
  • Under an awning when it is raining a little in the summer
  • Move it indoors in the cold months
  • Put it near a patio heater, but not too close.
The point is that you might want to move your hammock around depending on your mood and the situation. It would have taken a ridiculous amount of foresight to have pre-planted convenient pairs of trees in all the possible locations.
If you have some convenient trees in your garden, I would suggest getting a hammock and ropes first, but keep in mind that you can give yourself a lot more flexibility by adding a stand later on.


How To Choose The Correct Size Of Hammock Stand ?

We supply hammock stands which are made to fit the 3 main categories of hammocks - single, double and family.
We also say which stands our hammocks will fit.
If you just have the dimensions like those shown on the picture below, you can still easily figure out which hammocks will fit.
hammock stand dimensions
In this example. The total length of the hammock stand is 352cm. If you allow about 10cm for the thickness of the wood at both ends and about 3cm space for hooks.
This means that you have about 352cm minus 2x10cm minus 2x3cm equals 326cm.
So for a hammock to fit the stand in the image, it should have a minimum hanging distance no longer than 326cm.
If it is longer than this, it is likely that the bottom of the hammock will touch the cross bar of the stand.
The minimum hanging distance of a hammock is up to 10% shorter than the total length of a hammock. I would take 5% to be safe and to allow for the initial stretching of a new hammock.
This is starting to feel like a maths question from my sons homework 🙂
Example 1
So, if the total length of the hammock is 350cm, then its minimum hanging distance would be 315cm (10%) to 332cm (5%) .
For the hammock stand pictured, the maximum hanging space is 326cm.  In that case I would recommend the slightly bigger stand.
Example 2
So, if the total length of the hammock is 330cm, then its minimum hanging distance would be 297cm (10%) to 313cm (5%) .
For the stand pictured, the maximum hanging space is 326cm.  So this hammock stand would fit perfectly.
There are a  couple more things to take in to consideration with regards to the size.
a) Are you likely to change for a bigger hammock later on ?  You can always put a smaller hammock in a big stand, but if you try to put a bigger hammock in a smaller stand then it will not fit. A hammock and stand that fit perfectly looks the best, but it makes no difference to comfort at all if you have a single hammock in a family hammock stand.
b) Check the space where the hammock stand is likely to be placed. A lot of people want them for a balcony or in a conservatory. The stands always seem bigger to me one set up than they look in the pictures. It is worth making sure it will actually fit.

Wood or Metal ?

Here is a list of the advantages of wooden hammock stands. They are more expensive, so you might expect them to have more advantages. But the metal stands have some advantages too.
  1. Aesthetic. Arguably, a curved wooden hammock stand looks beautiful. It is a quick , easy and effective way to upgrade your garden. If you are selling your house, or renting on AirBnb, this will definitely upgrade your offering.
  2. Wood smells nice.
  3. Wood ages well. Over the years, and depending on how you treat it, it will develop a natural patina a merge with nature. The wood from slow growing pines or larch looks particularly great after a few years.
  4. You can easily stain it another colour if you like.
  5. You can easily screw things on to it. You can add wheels for ease of movement. You can add hooks to hang things you might need while in the hammock. Or an umbrella holder.  Keep in mind that any holes you make , may allow water inside which might cause problems later.
Advantages of Metal Hammock Stands
  1. Usually cheaper, although some of the curved aluminium ones can be more expensive than the wooden stands.
  2. They pack up smaller than the wooden stands. The weight is similar, but they take up less storage space when packed away.
  3. You can stick things to them with magnets. Glue neodymium magnets to everything you want to use while relaxing and stick them all over the frame.
  4. They are lower profile. In a smaller garden or a balcony or indoor space, they will not dominate the space like a chunky wooden stand.

How Else Can We Help You ?

What other information would help you to choose whether or not to buy a hammock stand and which type and size to choose ?
If you find yourself with any more questions, please do not hesitate to ask us. We can then upgrade our guide for everyone else. Thank you!

4 Reasons Hammocks Are Good For You.

Refresh Rainbow Family Hammock

Also good for someone else.. so it makes a brilliant gift every single time.

Spending some time in a hammock can offer you access to a peaceful retreat from the world. Being suspended above the grass, beach, or another landscape with the wind blowing gently is one of the best experiences in the world.

There are several benefits to consider if you’re thinking about owning a hammock. Here is what you can expect.

#1. You fall asleep faster.

Hammocks place you into the perfect body position for sleep. That encourages your body to relax faster, allowing you to enter into a state of rest quickly. This process engages with even more speed if there is a gentle rocking motion included.

#2. You can optimise your rest.

There is less tossing and turning when you rest in a hammock. The design places your head at a natural elevation of about 10% (or more), allowing your body to find a comfort zone to encourage relaxation.

#3. You receive a deeper, better rest.

Not only can you find rest faster when you take a nap in a hammock, but it will also help you to sleep deeper and longer. This benefit encourages memory improvements, a balanced mood, and an increase in your mental performance.

#4. You can perform restful activities in a hammock.

Reading in a hammock is a favourite activity because you can quickly find a comfortable position to enjoy a great book. You can read outside, in the sunshine, without needing any pillows.

You could sleep each night in a hammock if you find one that is comfortable. It may help with insomnia, encourage better sleep, and help you get through your day faster. Why not try one today?

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A Problem With Hammocks

Supernova Hammock - XXL - Kaleidoscope

The problem is that they are just too darn comfortable…. actually below is a real hammock problem and a real solution.

A Problem With Hammocks
A beautiful hammock !

How to Fix an Issue with a Hammock Bottoming Out

Hammocks will eventually stretch out some over time. Bigger hammocks may extend their length by up to two feet, depending on the age and composition of the product and how often it is used. If given enough time, a correctly-hung hammock can one day have you practically lying on the ground when you use it. Is there a way that you can restore your hammock to help extend its life?

Start By Adjusting Your Hanging Chains

If you are experiencing a lot of sag with your hammock due to stretching, then the first thing you can do to compensate for the issue is to adjust the hanging chains at the end of your product. By shortening the chains, you will give your hammock an extra level of lift that can restore its functionality.

Older hammocks may already have had their chains shortened to a point where you cannot get much lift anymore. In this situation, the rope or product may be near the end of its usable life, especially if it looks frayed or weak.

A Problem With Hammocks
Look… the bottom is close to the floor.. A heavier person would touch the sand!

If the hammock rope looks intact, then you can choose to adjust your hanging height to accommodate the stretching or change the hanging distance if circumstances allow. Remember to keep 40-50 centimetres of space between the ground or floor and the bottom of your hammock for the best results. When you can make immediate adjustments to the installation of your hammock, then you can prevent issues with bottoming out. If these fixes do not work, then it may be time to invest in a new product.

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Early Uses and Modern Benefits Of Hammocks

Hammocks on a ship - Norasia Alya

The first hammocks came from Latin America over 1,000 years ago. It would eventually become the most common way for people to sleep in the 11th century because it was easy to make, comfortable, and could protect people from the venomous creatures on the ground. Some early users of hammocks even discovered that their bed could also become a tool for fishing.

Early Uses And Modern Benefits Of Hammocks
Colombus needs somewhere to put his ball

By the time Christopher Columbus made it to the Americas in the late 15th century, hammocks were being used throughout the entire region. It was an idea that he would even adopt for his sailors because of its unique advantages.

The Hammock – A Refuge From Rats

Sailors saw the advantages of using a hammock for sleeping right away. It would prevent them from relaxing on a dirty deck, prevent them from falling out in rough seas, and limit the vermin that would sometimes make their way to a bunk. Early explorers and settlers in the various colonies set up by Europe used hammocks as well because they were space-savers. If you were travelling in the woods at night, then you could string up your bed between a couple of trees for some rest.This practice would continue until the early 20th century.

Early Uses And Modern Benefits Of Hammocks
The Maldives is pretty nice in places

How the Modern Hammock Helps Society

We still use the basic concept of a hammock that ancient civilizations were using a millennium before. They provide comfort and leisure while helping us to enjoy the outdoors. They are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, materials, and colours to suit your needs. Hammocks are still a fantastic travel item to take with you.

Camping with one can often provide a much better night of sleep than lying on the hard ground in a sleeping bag. They have come a long way from the time when hammocks were made using the bark of a tree. It is a technology that has stuck around for one primary reason: it does its job well.

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4 Boring Things About Hammocks

Hammock 'Black Edition' Gold - Family Hammocks

Not everything is interesting.

The humble hammock has been around for centuries but what do we actually know about them? Where do they originate from? Why do I sleep better in a hammock?  Well we have picked our top interesting facts about hammocks and have put them all in one place here for your perusal! 

Who invented the hammock? 

Well depending on who you ask you will be either told the Mayans invented hammocks or you will be told we simply do not know. The Mayans invented a lot of things among them something you can enjoy in a hammock – Chocolate! But truth be told no one can definitely tell you who invented the humble hammock! We can however tell you who brought them to Europe – Christopher Columbus! Yes he found the America’s and brought hammocks to Europe!

František Křižík (1847-1941) – An Interesting Czech Inventor

Hammocks give you a deeper sleep

There is a reason you feel relaxed and chilled when you climb into a hammock – and it has to do with the rocking motion in a cocoon that makes you feel like a baby being cradled by its mother that triggers a relaxed and comfortable leading to a deep, satisfying sleep! There is also the question of weight distribution – as your body weight is more evenly spread out in a hammock, there are less pressure points on parts of your body again leading to a more relaxed and deeper sleep!

Raya Family Hammock - Rainbow

They were not always for relaxation 

Modern day hammocks are usually seen as a relaxation tool rather than a work item, but back in approximately the 1500s a century after Christopher Columbus brought them back to Europe the Royal Navy adopted them as beds on board their ships, partly due to space saving but also for the comfort of the sailors as the hammock would sway with the movement of the ship meaning less sailors falling off beds! 

World’s highest hammock

Bit of a daredevil? Like a room with a view? Head for heights? The world’s highest hammock was over 492 feet in the air over a canyon! It was hanging around for a week in 2014 and suspended 492 feet off the ground and 213 feet away from the nearest piece of solid land! Not for the faint of heart! 

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FIVE Types Of Hammock

Travock - Travel Hammock - Treasure
One hammock is never enough . Especially Travel Hammocks

There are currently five primary hammock designs which you can find right now. Each offers specific advantages which are worth considering. So here are the best types of hammocks to try!

Most people buy a hammock, then realise they need a travel hammock, then realise they need a hanging chair. Then realise they need a second hammock and a spare travel hammock. So most people end up with 5.

#1. Colombian Hammocks

This option is perfect if you live in a colder climate. It features a thick weave that blocks the air, ensuring you can stay warm. They’re available in bright colours, often made from 100% cotton, and don’t usually have spreader bars incorporated into the design.

#2. Rope Hammocks

You’ll find this hammock at the beach or a tropical location for one specific reason: it keeps you fresh. It offers plenty of support with a design that stays open for getting in or out quickly. Look for an option that doesn’t dig into your skin to maximise your comfort.

Rope Hammocks
The TUNCO rope hanging chair is one of the most comfortable

#3. Travel Hammocks

These lightweight hammocks can go anywhere to give you the perfect night of rest. They’re usually constructed from the same materials as parachutes to provide you with the toughness that is needed. Bring a mosquito net along to protect yourself in the backcountry.

#4. Woven Hammocks

These portable hammocks usually come with a frame, which means you can take advantage of the benefits of sleeping in one even if you don’t have any trees nearby. They work well for pools, porches, and decks to help you spend some extra time outside.

A nice big fabric hammock

#5. Hanging Chairs

If you don’t have enough space for the other hammocks on this list, then give this option a try. They work from a fixed point or use a free-standing frame to ensure there is a comfortable way to enjoy the outdoors.

Choose the best type of hammock that meets your current needs, and you’ll be able to find the peace and rest you crave.

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4 Festival Essentials for 2020

One of the many things the UK, Sweden, Czechia, Germany and many other places do well is putting on a great festival.

Each summer swarms of revellers head towards a festival or multiple in aid of an escape from reality and a chance to enjoy fantastic music, time with friends and the ultimate down time.

Whether you’re visiting a huge festival such a Leeds, Glastonbury or Download or a smaller one the they all have something in common and that’s the camping. With it being a festival, first things we’d recommend not taking anything valuable as it may get lost or stolen. Bring back the Nokia brick and grab your wellies as here are our top 4 must haves for any festival.


Your own food:

We would advise to take a lot of tinned food like beans and maybe a pot noodle or two, as the food can be expensive. We’d advise taking as much low weight food as possible as it can get heavy. Snacks such as crisps, cereal bars and fruit are ideal.

Your own hammock:

Not all hammocks need to be hung up, we have a great range of hammocks which are ideal for festivals as you can pitch them up wherever you go, not only does it save you sleeping on the hard ground it can help with things such as not getting cold and should give you a decent night’s sleep (read more here). There is not much worse than trying to enjoy yourself when you’re tired.

Denim Hammock


Sun cream:  

Although it may not seem important within the list of essentials such as food and clothes, sun cream is super important at festivals. Whether it’s hot or not, spending hours in the sun can be damaging for your skin and can give you bad sunburn. Carry it around in an easy to apply travel size bottle and fill it up each day before you head out and it saves you from needing to carry around a full bottle of sun cream.

A first aid kit: 

Is it really a festival if someone doesn’t injure themselves in some way or another? From cuts and blisters to bites. Buying or putting together a small first aid kit can be crucial in your time of need. Plus, your friends will probably thank you for it later when they need something from it. You can buy one of these online or pretty much every shop on the High Street. 

We hope you’ve found our tips of what to take to a festival helpful and if you’re going to a festival this year we hope you have a great time.


Well, how are you going to pay for stuff, if all that fiat currency in the bank has been inflated away to zero. Bitcoin never gets inflated away.

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Hammocks? Is It Normal ?

Raya Family Hammock - Sunset

The Ropes on My Hammock are Fraying: Is That Normal?

Whether you own a full rope hammock, or you’re concerned about the strands that connect the body of your product to its connection point, there will come a time when the ends seem to start fraying.

Many hammock owners become concerned at this stage because its This process is called tasseling. In most cases, it is harmless to the hammock. It does not impact the durability of the rope. Seems like the product is beginning to unravel.

Refresh - Family Hammock - Cocktail
Looks Normal , but is it ?

Why Does Tasseling Occur with a Hammock?

Tasseling is a different process than fraying when dealing with the durability of the rope in your hammock. If the rope begins to fray, then you will have multiple strands start to loosen and unwind. This process will eventually impact the integrity of that rope strand, which could reduce the maximum weight capacity of your hammock should it occur.

Tasseling occurs when individual strands of the rope, either natural or synthetic, begin to look like they break loose from their attachment point. During the manufacturing process, it is not unusual for hammock makers to dip the rope components in wax or seal the ends with heat to improve the creation process.

That’s why you will see fraying occur in the middle of the rope, whereas tasseling typically appears along the knots. If tasseling causes the knot to begin unwinding, then you should stop using the hammock immediately to have it repaired. Otherwise, you can continue to enjoy the comfort and convenience of your hammock!

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Good Campsites For Hammock Lovers 2020

Travock XL - Travel Hammock - Spice

Camping is one of the best things you can do outdoors, especially in campsites where you’re provided the ultimate freedom, all around the UK there is campsites dotted around. However, not all of them allow hammocks, so today we’ve created round up complied of the best hammock friendly campsites in the UK for you, so all you need to do is head on over and pitch up your hammock. Some of the places have hammocks for rental too, so if you’re unsure about purchasing your own this may be the perfect way for to try one out before you buy one from Cool Hammocks. If you’re already on the look out for a hammock to take on holiday feel free to check out our shop here where we have a variety of double and single hammocks on offer.

Camping with a hammock is fun

Dreamy Hollow Campsite:

Dreamy Hollow campsite offer a variety of unique and fun types of camping on their site. Whether you’re on the look out for pitching your tent, trying out one of their amazing hammocks or looking to arrive in a campervan there is a pitch suitable for all. The Hollow site also has a wood fired pizza oven which is available to be used by campers, sounds like a dream to us. The site also offers a range of activities like archery and nearby there is shops, a beach and lots of local events. If you’re interested in visiting the campsite, they are based in Norfolk.  

Visit their website here for more information: www.dreamyhollowcamping.co.uk/campsite

Haggs Campsite

Based in the North Pennines Haggs campsite is the perfect location for you to hang your hammock for the weekend, with small woodland area on the site which can used for hammocks. Allowing you to enjoy your stay, your way. Set within the area known as England’s Last Wilderness, you will be surrounded by pure beauty for the duration of your stay. The campsite also offers some great activities and puts on events too.

Visit their website here for more information: www.haggsbank.com

10 Days Follow Up

The Secret Campsite Beech Estate

If you’re looking for campsite pitches in the trees, the campsite beech estate has you covered. Deep within the glades of the forest you can pick one of their single pitches or one of their double pitches dependant on how many of you are camping, pitch up your hammock and your good to go. With the campsite full of great activities from Den Building to building a campfire and even camping games for grownups (which you can find here).  There is something for everybody in the family to enjoy.

Tyle Crwn Woodlands

For an experience which is camping closer to nature, Tyle Crwn is the site for you. With places to pitch up your hammocks and see the stars followed by a wake-up call of the morning sky rising, the woodlands at Tyle Crwn have you covered. A campsite which is peaceful, secluded and full of wildlife in their natural habitat it’s an explorer’s dream. 

We hope you have enjoyed our list of campsites around the UK where you can pitch your hammock and have a fantastic stay.

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How To Look After A Hammock

Mammoth XXL Family Hammock - Azureus

How Do I Keep My Hammock Looking New?

If you have purchased a colourful hammock for your home, then fading is an issue that you will want to confront immediately. Your approach depends on the materials that were used to create the hammock in the first place.

If you have a cotton or canvas hammock, then rinse it with mild, soapy water before washing it down with your garden hose. Then lay it flat or hang it to dry before using again. Keep the spreader bars out of the water whenever possible.

When you own a polyester hammock, then the same rules apply. If your material is white, then you can sometimes use a 1:4 bleach/water solution to clean it if you need intensive results. A soft-bristled brush is often useful too.

mammoth xxl hammock - hamaca hammocks from Hammock Heaven
mammoth xxl hammock – hamaca hammocks from Hammock Heaven

If you have a synthetic-based hammock at home, then use warm, soapy water and then rub the material against itself instead of using a brush. For hammocks that are made with quilted fabrics, spot cleaning is the best approach to take. Any fill that the product contains can bunch up when exposed to moisture for an extended time, which can then make it challenging to have the product return to its usual shape.

Some hammocks feature a quick-dry fabric that promotes breathability. Use the same approach with this material as you would with polyester. As a best practice with your hammock, make sure that leaves, twigs, and other debris doesn’t accumulate in your yard. The wind can blow these items into it, which will reduce its lifespan over time. Then keep your materials out of direct sunlight to prevent premature fading.

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