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Airboard wins Volvo Eco Design Award

The Fun-Care AG funboard was created in Switzerland in 2001 to launch bodyboarding, normally a water-sport activity, on the snow. Ten years of development preceded the market introduction of the first Airboard classic.

The Swiss company’s idea was to create fun sports gear that offered an alternative to snowboarding or skiing; one that gets people out into nature and providing the action and speed they’re looking for without producing emissions.

The Airboard, which is 100% recyclable, was created to be long-lasting and sustainable. With its completely unique design, it offers a breathtaking dynamic on the slopes and represents a new style in winter sports. Using top-quality materials in production ensures a long life for the product, and repair and support services are provided.

Afterwards, airboards can recycled into different sports equipment, laptop bags and other products. Small packaging makes for efficient storage and shipping and transport. No slope preparation is required, and it makes the perfect companion for other winter sports like snowshoe hiking.

Buy online at www.snowhead.co.uk or call 0208 123 0557.

Special offer on Hanging Hammock Chair

A wonderful hanging chair for just £45.95. Delivery is free. This is £14 discount from the RRP. See www.hammockheaven.co.uk .

This hammock chair is made in Brasil by AMAZONAS. Amazonas is a german company that took over a Brazillian hammock factory about 20 years ago and upgraded it to a good standard.

Cashmere Top – Leopard Print Round Neck

New at mypashmina.co.uk , a pure cashmere ladies roundneck with leopard print. This style was inspired by the popularity of the leopard print pashmina stole (£57 delivered). It will be for sale at £84 which is a complete bargain, and not only that you could have it made with any background colour for just £108 .. so how about leopard print on a bright yellow background. Only in pure cashmere of course !

BANAVATA – 80% Cashmere / 20% Bamboo

With our new range of 80% Bamboo / 20% Cashmere clothing about to be available – we have decided to use only natural dyes. (this is interesting in light of the project kilims..see next post). The problem with natural dyes is that to dye 1 kg of fabric, it costs more than twice as much as it costs with swiss dyes. However for the BANAVATA range, we think it is important to use the most ecological methods. Bamboo is the fastest growing plant around and extremely renewable … maybe the cashmere goats could eat it also. !

New Project Kilims have arrived

This is one of our 12 new and unique project kilims.

The project, called DOBAG (an acronym for Dogal Boya Arastirma ve Gelistirme Projesi — Turkish for Natural Dye Research and Development Project), started back in 1981 and was an almost instant success. Within a few years, not only were hundreds of weavers involved in selling their naturally dyed rugs through the DOBAG cooperative, but weavers in nearby villages were learning to use natural dyes and were selling rugs in the open market.

The discovery of old dyes i still on going, and you will find some of the best examples available in the UK today at www.therealrugcompany.co.uk

Wedding pashminas

With the madness of Christmas out of the way , in the business of pashminas, we are looking forwards to the wedding season.

Mypashmina.co.uk are offering up to 20% off for brides … and a further 5% rebate if customers send in photos of the pashminas ‘in action’ at a wedding ! Quite generous really. We like seeing people getting married.

The most popular pashminas for brides are the jacquard water pashmina and the pashmina with Swarovski crystals. Bridesmaids usually get the classic 7030 stoles, and some rich and generous people give all their guests pashminas as gifts.

Project Kilims from Turkey

The skill of making a large variety of rich colours from natural dyes almost became lost, and it is no longer known how to make quite a few colours. Gradually these skills are being rediscovered…

kilims are hand weaving with needle. they are %100 hand made. meaning of this is %100 hand spin wool + %100 natural colours + % hand weaving. they are projekt kilims. this projekt start 1990 by the government the name is ”dobag”. meaning of this is: returnning to the tradition. because al this natural colours are missing dye’s. we work in this projekt to try to give life agein for a missing culture and the dye.2000 peaple has been working for the projekt. in the and we find very beatiful and valuable colours. the kilims you have now they are the best new kilims of the world. be sure aboute this. as much as you use they get better and better. the wool get’s soft and shinning. by the time when they are old they are becoming more and expensive and valuable. in the year one time you can wash them (cold water and shampoo). if you drop on them anything dont worry they are not absorb them in side.because hand spin wool is only absorb things if you are boild them… ” (Hasan, Turkey , January 2008)

These Kilims are available at www.therealrugcompany.co.uk which also supplies Flokati Rugs, Cowhides, Reindeer hides.