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MyHammock.co.uk – Hammocks from La Siesta

Myhammock.co.uk is the best place to buy LA SIESTA hammocks in the UK.

There are 14 styles of hammocks, each coming in various sizes and colours. Most of the hammocks are from Brazil, but a few come from Nicaragua or Mexico.

La Siesta have innovated by making their hanging hammock chairs extra big and calling them loungers. You can get you legs inside which is amazingly comfortable.

Nepal Strike and Corruption

Well, Kathmandu is completely shut down again. There is a general strike and people are out protesting about the rise in the price of petrol.

It was 67 rupees and is now 80 rupees .. (about 60p up to 75p) , a big deal when a typical monthly flat rental is about 800 rupees.

This must be very frustrating for the people of a country which has enough Hydro-Power to provide electricity to India , and become as rich as some of the middle east states on the back of this.

On another level , it means that our incoming shipment of cashmere for mypashmina.co.uk is delayed by 3 or 4 days, a few customers will get probably get grumpy about this and of course in a small part it harms our business and the lively hood of the workers in the factory in Kathmandu.

the root cause .. corruption and greed .

Pure cashmere dyed with vegetable dyes

This is me , doing a bad impression of Marge Simpson..

The hat is a silly shape .. but i have to say it was not our design..

The important thing is that the wonderful colour comes from natural dyes, not synthetic swiss dyes. This gives it more depth. The other great thing about natural dyes is that they naturally complement each other. So wearing cashmere in a few different colours at the same time is easy.

This hat is pure cashmere, amazingly soft, and not available yet.

the vegetable dyed range of cashmere is available to wholesale customers and will be avilable to the public very soon at www.mypashmina.co.uk

Snowhead.co.uk – SALE on Ski Goggles and Ski Helmets

There is a very generous sale going on at www.snowhead.co.uk

The remaining stock from the 2006/7 range is priced to clear with savings of 20-30%.

It’s a good opportunity to buy some high quality ski goggles or ski helmets.

All are made by Alpina, which is a quality brand and one of the top brands in europe.

New Stripey Cashmere Scarves

has now made available these stylish pure cashmere scarves.

Only £44.50 with free delivery which represents excellent value.

All the pure cashmere items are hand made in Nepal, and the production facility in Kathmandu now employs over 60 people.

Cashmere is one of Nepals few successful exports and is important for the Nepalese economy.

New Stowaway Folding Hammock on Hammock Heaven

The Stowaway™ features the world’s first collapsible spreader bar. Spreader bar collapses to half its original size. Strong stainless steel parts with 5ft hard wood spreader bar.

Three layers are joined to create the signature 3-ply 1/4″ luxurious cotton rope spun for softness and comfort.

The Stowaway folds down to just 30″. This traditional hand-crafted hammock is 100% cotton for natural color and feel.

Great for travel, camping, on the boat, at home or away.

Comes with carry bag.

Weighs just 10lbs. Measures: 12 ft long by 5 ft wide – see www.hammockheaven.co.uk (SPECIAL OFFERS PAGE)
only £59.95 including delivery – bargain.

Pure Cashmere Wristwarmers now avilable

These 100% Cashmere wristwarmers are now avilable to buy online at www.mypashmina.co.uk.

You can also buy a cashmere scarf to match perfectly.

not only that… if you dont like the colours available on www.mypashmina.co.uk , you can choose your own two colours and have them especially made. It only costs a few extra quid.

Airboard wins Volvo Eco Design Award

The Fun-Care AG funboard was created in Switzerland in 2001 to launch bodyboarding, normally a water-sport activity, on the snow. Ten years of development preceded the market introduction of the first Airboard classic.

The Swiss company’s idea was to create fun sports gear that offered an alternative to snowboarding or skiing; one that gets people out into nature and providing the action and speed they’re looking for without producing emissions.

The Airboard, which is 100% recyclable, was created to be long-lasting and sustainable. With its completely unique design, it offers a breathtaking dynamic on the slopes and represents a new style in winter sports. Using top-quality materials in production ensures a long life for the product, and repair and support services are provided.

Afterwards, airboards can recycled into different sports equipment, laptop bags and other products. Small packaging makes for efficient storage and shipping and transport. No slope preparation is required, and it makes the perfect companion for other winter sports like snowshoe hiking.

Buy online at www.snowhead.co.uk or call 0208 123 0557.

Special offer on Hanging Hammock Chair

A wonderful hanging chair for just £45.95. Delivery is free. This is £14 discount from the RRP. See www.hammockheaven.co.uk .

This hammock chair is made in Brasil by AMAZONAS. Amazonas is a german company that took over a Brazillian hammock factory about 20 years ago and upgraded it to a good standard.