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Bamboo Mixed with Cashmere – BANAVATA

Clothes that are 80% Bamboo / 20% Cashmere. Great. Environmentally friendly, soft next to the skin,, and not quite as warm as pure cashmere. All in all great luxury clothing for spring, summer and autumn. Clothing made from bamboo naturally wicks moisture away from your body and feels almost as soft as cashmere. Bamboo also has natural antibacterial qualities and stays warmer in the cold and cooler in heat than most other fabrics. Because bamboo grows at a rate of about one foot per day, it is an easily renewable resource. Bamboo is eco-chic. Mypashmina.co.uk will be stocking the BANAVATA range in a couple of months. We are looking forward to it!

IKEA rugs

I went to IKEA in Göteborg yesterday. They had some excellent deals on christmas decorations.

Then i walked into the rugs section. Being involved with www.therealrugcompany.co.uk , i know a little about rugs. Oh my god, in IKEA they really do have the most budget quality of each style of rugs. The designer and the traditional rugs are fine, but the shaggy rugs , such as flokati, leather pile are absolutely cheap quality.

I would estimate that their Flokati are about 1400g/m2 or less, so less than half the thickness available online.

SLAO and Airboard in Sweden

Morning – I emailed every ski slope in Sweden to see if it was possible to use the airboard on the pistes. I even set up www.airboard.se . They all said NO. This is because the SLAO (ski association of Sweden) reckons they are dangerous to mingle with Ski’s and Snowboards, and simply regards them as toboggans. They are not toboggans. They are airboards, and they are brilliant. You can actually control them. In fact my level of skiing is so bad, that I am a lot less dangerous to people when flying down a hill on an airboard.

Airboarding in Switzerland

Brilliant new year ! We went to Switzerland to try out the Airboards ( available at www.snowhead.co.uk ) . The best place was Lenzerheide , but only because it was empty enough that we could go on the blue runs with the Airboards. To be honest the toboggan run there was too flat and slow, so it was lucky that we could get on the blue run. It was excellent and we were as fast as the snowboarders. For the airboards they are much better and more controllable if you are going a bit faster. They are easy to stop by simply twisting sideways.

The toboggan run at Flumserberg was steeper and potentially much better for airboards. However, the toboggans had trashed it by the afternoon, and it was really bumpy. Still , by going along the edge, we went flying past all the tobogans, and a small section of red run near the bottom was brilliant.

So, yes , i would highly recommend the airboards. Brilliant fun. I’d recommend going early in the morning when the toboggan runs are freshly pisted – or being a bit sneaky and storming down a blue run… oh and wear a helmet !


Two websites , two brands of hammocks. You will find Amazonas Hammocks on www.hammockheaven.co.uk and La Siesta Hammocks on www.myhammock.co.uk .

What is the difference? I’m not sure, both are very good. I guess it just comes down to personal taste. Which hammocks do you like the best ?

Of course, colours are just down to personal choice, but what else can you look at when deciding on a hammock ? the La Siesta hammocks have a tighter weave and somehow feel more sturdy, but less soft and maybe less comfortable. Its a marginal difference.