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Mother’s Day 20 OFF!

Spring is almost blooming and Mother’s Day is just around the corner so we would be happy to help you pick the best gift for her! Our light and colourful ring shawls are the perfect choice! So are the beautiful cashmere sweaters! And if we think of it, all our items! And that is precisely why we are offering 20% OFF EVERYTHING until the 15th of March! Please use the code MUM20!
Will look forward to your orders on

Products Labeling Act of 1939 with more precise definitions of cashmere and superfine wool.

This is in the US. But pretty sure the standard will be adopted glbally soon.. The new law will not only protect consumers from deceptive labels, but manufacturers also benefit in having clear guidelines to prevent potential violation or product recall by the Federal Trade Commission. All the cashmere and wool products manufactured on or after 1st January, 2007 must comply with the act.

Cashmere was previously defined simply as “hair or fleece from the genuine Cashmere goat”. In the latest regulation
additional diameter measurements were set: the mean fiber diameter must be less than 19 microns; the coarse hair (exceeding 30 microns) must be less than 3% by weight of the product; and the coefficient variation of diameter has
to be less than 24%.

So for real cashmere , just visit .

Last few Cashmere Round Necks for £29

Just checking through our website and noticed that we have about 8 cashmere jumpers left – like that in the picture. They are £29, which is a complete steal. Normally we would sell these for at leat £59 , but these are the last few and for the sake of keeping things tidy, you can grab a bargain (or 8!) .

see , click on cashmere for her , cashmere round necks and you will find it.

Last Minute Valentines Day Pashminas

Well I wonder how many people will leave it to the last minute to order a lovely valentines gift this year.

Royal mail special delivery is probably the best and most reliable guaranteed next day service there is.

So because of this, i think people leave gift ordering later and later. The mail system almost gave up this Christmas, but everyone still got their pashminas in time.

Bamboo & Cashmere V-Neck

Here is a ladies v-neck made from 80% Bamboo and 20% Cashmere.

It is not available yet, but will be soon.

It feels amazing.

The yarn is very fine – 60 count. That means that 60 meters of the yarn weighs just one gram.

There are so many benefits to wearing bamboo, you will have to read about them at!

Plane crashed on the road we drive home on !

Lucky we went home a bit early yesterday, otherwise might be no more, and everyone would have to buy their cashmere and pashminas from somewhere else.

This little plane crashed on the E45 , the main road from Gothenburg in to the north of Sweden at 19:48 yesterday. It hit a car. We had driven passed the exact spot just 30 minutes earlier.

Incidentally, the E45 starts (as the A45) at Bedford in England, and after Harwich , it contines in Denmark and then in Sweden to the very north. How dull is that ?

New Designs of Swarovski Crystals on Pashminas

On , there is now the option to add Swarovski crystals to your pashmina in any of 29 stunning designs.

Delivery takes 3-4 weeks and the price depends on the complexity of the design.

These can be made on any colour of pashmina., but the pashmina should be 70% Cashmere and 30% Silk . It is not possible to get the crystals to set nicely on the pure cashmere pashminas.

Visit to find out more.

New – 100count superfine pure cashmere pashmina

Here is some advance notice of a very exciting new product.

It is made form 100count cashmere. Basically the number of count is the number of meters of fibre that weighs 1 gram. So 100count means that 100 meters of cashmere fibre weighs 1 gram. i.e. it is a very thin fine thread indeed.

The usually count for knitwear is 28count, or on fine lightweight knitwear for summer we often use 60count.

Anyway the scarf shown above is made from 100 count. It feels amazing and even has a sheen (it is pure cashmere). And by a clever combination of warps and wefts we have made some lovely colours and subtle effects. These will be available in 5 colour combinations and the price will be approximately £85. – see on 15th March

St. Valentines day – Cashmere makes a romantic gift

Well, what could be more romantic than a pashminas covered in hearts ? Lots of things, but this is still very nice.

This pashmina has a baby blue background and bright fuschia hearts all over it.

It is 70% Cashmere and 30% Silk and measures 45x200cm. The price ? Only £38.50 with free delivery.

Where from ? of course !

Personally , i think that because cashmere just makes you want to cuddle .. it is one of the romantic gifts around for St. Valentines day.