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Never too soon to prepare for the summer they say! And the perfect gift for Christmas! Never too early to think about that either! This Cayo Hammock is the perfect choice to make your friends happy! Its big enough to accommodate two adults and enduring enough for hardware. More colours are available!
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Hammocks side by side

Next time you go to the beach or the park, take at least 2 hammocks with you. It is fantastic to have them side by side… and a great place to hang out and watch the kids play!

Shown here is the Cayo Latté double hammock from Hamaca. This is available on for just £59.95 with free shipping. The blue hammock is the Iguana Ocean. This is a single hammock available from for just £49.95. Both hammocks are made in Colombia in the traditional way. They are our most eco-friendly hammocks because they are made from recycled cotton.