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The Double Globo Green chair is a unique item and it is perfect for your yard in the summer using the stand and indoors during the cooler months, hanged from the ceiling just with two Powerhooks. It’s finishings make it both beautiful and very strong and safe.

The cushion is available in a lighter colour as well and the single chair is just a comfy and special.

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Can you believe that 350 grams can hold up to 100kg? Well, this amazing parachute silk hammock certainly does that. It’s the ultimate must have in your bag when going on a vacation and of course, you only have so little room left in your bags. The perfect dream-catcher on a wild beach or in a dark forest. And of course, in your back yard when no time for vacation and you just dream of it 🙂

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Just hanging around.

Todays topic is something guaranteed to put you in your kids good-books…
Their very own hanging chair in their room is a great way to treat them, and a great way to make the room look funky and cool. We have a number of great colours and styles, and if you fancy something to brighten up your little’uns room without cluttering up the floor this may just be the perfect answer.

And if you are unsure, go get your little Mister or Misses and ask what they think!

All the best

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