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Good Restaurant in Chur , Switzerland

We happened to be in Switzerland recently to try out the airboards, ski helmets and ski goggles available on I have to recommend this excellent Thai restaurant in Chur. They serve Som Tam (papaya salad), which is quite hard to find outside Thailand. We went there twice and all 5 of us really liked the food. – SALE on Ski Goggles and Ski Helmets

There is a very generous sale going on at

The remaining stock from the 2006/7 range is priced to clear with savings of 20-30%.

It’s a good opportunity to buy some high quality ski goggles or ski helmets.

All are made by Alpina, which is a quality brand and one of the top brands in europe.

Airboard wins Volvo Eco Design Award

The Fun-Care AG funboard was created in Switzerland in 2001 to launch bodyboarding, normally a water-sport activity, on the snow. Ten years of development preceded the market introduction of the first Airboard classic.

The Swiss company’s idea was to create fun sports gear that offered an alternative to snowboarding or skiing; one that gets people out into nature and providing the action and speed they’re looking for without producing emissions.

The Airboard, which is 100% recyclable, was created to be long-lasting and sustainable. With its completely unique design, it offers a breathtaking dynamic on the slopes and represents a new style in winter sports. Using top-quality materials in production ensures a long life for the product, and repair and support services are provided.

Afterwards, airboards can recycled into different sports equipment, laptop bags and other products. Small packaging makes for efficient storage and shipping and transport. No slope preparation is required, and it makes the perfect companion for other winter sports like snowshoe hiking.

Buy online at or call 0208 123 0557.

SLAO and Airboard in Sweden

Morning – I emailed every ski slope in Sweden to see if it was possible to use the airboard on the pistes. I even set up . They all said NO. This is because the SLAO (ski association of Sweden) reckons they are dangerous to mingle with Ski’s and Snowboards, and simply regards them as toboggans. They are not toboggans. They are airboards, and they are brilliant. You can actually control them. In fact my level of skiing is so bad, that I am a lot less dangerous to people when flying down a hill on an airboard.

Airboarding in Switzerland

Brilliant new year ! We went to Switzerland to try out the Airboards ( available at ) . The best place was Lenzerheide , but only because it was empty enough that we could go on the blue runs with the Airboards. To be honest the toboggan run there was too flat and slow, so it was lucky that we could get on the blue run. It was excellent and we were as fast as the snowboarders. For the airboards they are much better and more controllable if you are going a bit faster. They are easy to stop by simply twisting sideways.

The toboggan run at Flumserberg was steeper and potentially much better for airboards. However, the toboggans had trashed it by the afternoon, and it was really bumpy. Still , by going along the edge, we went flying past all the tobogans, and a small section of red run near the bottom was brilliant.

So, yes , i would highly recommend the airboards. Brilliant fun. I’d recommend going early in the morning when the toboggan runs are freshly pisted – or being a bit sneaky and storming down a blue run… oh and wear a helmet !