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Hammock with Stand

Hammock with Stand

Luxury hammock sets at Hammock Heaven. Free next working day delivery!
Hammock Heaven is the top online hammock shop for high-quality and sustainable luxury hammock sets.
We've already compiled a number of sets consisting of a hammock and stand.

Hammock set: A hammock with a stand!

A particular hammock won't fit in just any stand. You have to make sure that the lengths match.
if your hammock is too long for the stand, you'll end up lying down with your back on the ground!
But it can also be too short, when the hammock is pulled so taut in the hammock stand that you could almost make music on the strings.

To make things easy for you, we and our hammock suppliers have put together the best combinations of hammocks and stands for you. By ordering one of the products on this page, you're all set in just one click. Everything you need is included in these complete sets.

Put together your own "Hammock with stand" set

Have you already spotted a hammock you'd like to order? Each hammock on Hammock Heaven is listed with details of the stand that it fits in.
You can then put together your own hammock set. To do this, go to the product page of the hammock.

Hammock with a wooden or metal stand?

Our hammock sets consist of hammocks with wooden and metal stands.
Both versions are weather-resistant, meaning that the hammock can safely remain outside.

Which material to choose is entirely up to you. In some gardens or interiors, it is better to opt for wood, while a metal stand is perfectly suited to other areas.
Our wooden hammock stands are made from 100% FSC® approved wood, originating from well-managed Scandinavian forests.

If you order your hammock with stand today, you'll receive the hammock set the following day with free delivery.
Not satisfied with your hammock with stand for whatever reason? Then you can return the hammock set free of charge.

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