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Hammock Stands

Hammock Stands

Luxury hammock stands at HammockHeaven. Free next working day delivery!
HammockHeaven is the top online hammock shop for high-quality and sustainable luxury hammock stands.
For every hammock, we have a matching hammock stand and suspension accessories.

Hammock Stand!

A hammock stand always provides the perfect hanging space!

Finding anchor points for your hammock can sometimes be a difficult task. As well, if you have already found them, you are forced to always hang in the same place. A hammock stand offers a solution. With a hammock stand, you can choose your favourite hanging spot yourself. Whether this is in the garden, on the balcony or in the living room. Move easily into the sun or shade as it moves, thanks to your handy hammock stand.

Most of our stands have 2 attachment points that you can hang your hammock between. Another unique product is the Madera hammock stand. This stand provides 1 extra attachment point. Really handy for travelling or camping, because you can find 1 anchor point almost anywhere.

A hammock stand ensures that you can use your hammock quickly and easily. Anywhere you want.

A tip when ordering your hammock stand!

When ordering your hammock stand, make sure you keep in mind the length of your hammock. If you order a hammock stand that's too short for your hammock, you'll end up lying with your back on the ground. Using a hammock stand that is too long is also not ideal. The dimensions of our products are clearly stated. Measure your hammock from attachment point to attachment point and easily order your hammock stand online.

Metal or wooden hammock stand?

We have both metal and wooden hammock stands in our range. Both are weather-resistant and can safely remain outside. Our wooden hammock stands are made from 100% FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified wood from well-managed Scandinavian forests.

The wooden hammock stands are an asset to any garden!

All hammock stands in our online shop are in stock. Delivery within one working day and free delivery + returns!

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