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Luxury single hammocks at Hammock Heaven. Free next working day delivery!
Hammock Heaven is the top online hammock shop for high-quality and sustainable luxury single hammocks.
For every hammock, we have a matching single hammock stand and suspension accessories.

Single hammock

It's not that you don't want to share your hammock! Honest... but you do also just want to lie back alone in your hammock.

A perfect excuse to buy a single hammock and simply enjoy some space to yourself.

A single hammock is ideal for taking on holiday with you or if you have limited space in or around the house.
A single hammock takes up virtually no room and still gives you the opportunity to lie back and relax.

Different types of single hammock

The most important question to ask yourself when purchasing a hammock is whether you want a single hammock with or without spreader bars.
We explain below what a spreader bar is and what the pros and cons are.

Single hammock with spreader bars

Spreader bars in your hammock ensure that your hammock stays open. Because a bar is attached to both ends of your single hammock, the fabric remains unfolded.
This makes the hammock more like a bed. Some people find it more difficult to get in and out of a hammock when it has spreader bars.

Single hammock without spreader bars

In a single hammock without spreader bars, you should lie slightly diagonally. This is the best and most comfortable way to lie down and also ensures that you don't disappear into your hammock completely.
True hammock lovers have a clear preference for single hammocks without spreader bars. They say this hammock is more comfortable.

By the way, a hammock without spreader bars is definitely the best to take with you on holiday. You can fold it into a super small bundle. Which would be more of a challenge with 2 bars that are over a metre long!

Come and visit our showroom

You can discover which hammock suits you best by coming and hanging out in our showroom. We've hung up the most popular models for you to test out. Hammocks with and without spreader bars, single hammocks and extra large family hammocks.

You are very welcome to come and try out your single hammock before you order it online.

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Luxury & Sustainable Single Hammock - Want to Order a Hammock?

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