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Color: Brown - Hammocks XXL - Luxe Hammocks

Hammocks XXL

Luxury family hammocks at Hammock Heaven. Free next working day delivery!
Hammock Heaven is the top online hammock shop for high-quality and sustainable luxury family hammocks.
For every hammock, we have a matching family hammock stand and suspension accessories.

Get the whole family in the hammock!

Why hang in your hammock solo or as a couple when the whole family could get in?

Our spacious family hammocks are perfect for up to 3 people to relax in. It is important to take note of the hammock's indicated maximum carrying capacity in order to prevent mishaps.

You can also enjoy the family hammock on your own. Lying across the middle of this XXL hammock, you'll feel like you're on a double bed! The family hammock is also available with or without spreader bars. A family hammock with spreader bars ensures that the hammock stays unfolded. Without spreader bars, the family hammock will fold around you and your family like a cocoon. This supersize family hammock is ideal for fun and cosy moments with your loved ones.

Hammock stand for the family hammock

If you don't have any anchor points to attach your family hammock to, it might be worth taking a look at our "Wood Family" wooden hammock stand. This hammock stand is super stable so you can swing and hang in your hammock. Another advantage of the stand is that you can use it anywhere and can easily move it into the sun or shade.

Order your family hammock today and you'll receive it the following day.
Free delivery, and free returns if the hammock doesn't turn out to be as good as you had thought.
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Color: Brown - Luxury & Sustainable XXL Family Hammock - Want to Order a Hammock?

Color: Brown. Comfortable XXL family hammocks. Every hammock is unique. Professional service & satisfaction guaranteed. Visit the showroom. Rating: ★★★★★

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