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Paul King
CEO / Founder

A slow learner when it comes to programming websites, but very good at ensuring we have top quality hammocks in stock all the time. Mobile: +420774940426

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Caroline King
Marketing Director

Also co-founder. Originally from Sweden, read Caroline’s blog at

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Stuart Eastwood

For more than 10 years Stuart has single handedly ensured the survival of the entire Swedish economy. Contact Stuart for trade or extra ordinary enquiries.

Ada Hammocks

Ada Stroici
Customer Support

Phone 0208 123 0557.
I will make sure you get your order on time and I can answer any questions you might have. Contact me first !

Hammock Heaven opened for business online in July 2004 (wayback). Since then, we have evolved.

First we added new hammock brands and offerings to our range.

Then, In 2013, we started our own brand of hammocks (Hamaca). Now we can offer the hammocks that we always wished our previous suppliers could have supplied. We offer the highest quality hammocks we have ever had at the best price. We have cut out the middle man, and so our customers can get the best deal ever.

Our principles and the way we do business is based on the following:

1. Be normal, accessible and not too corporate. This is why, when you phone you can always speak to the boss if you want to.

2. Be kind to the environment. All of our rubbish is sorted, we only use environmentally friendly or natural dyes, and we use minimal packaging.

3. Offer the highest quality products at the lowest prices.

4. We design and import our hammocks, so no middlemen are involved, which means we can give you, our customer, better value.

We also raise money for our favourite charity ( , which means that many Nepali children have access to an education they would otherwise be denied. You can choose to donate something at the checkout. If you donate £50, we will too.

If you have any other questions , please contact us : [email protected]

Phone: 0208 123 0557

Find out how our Hamaca hammocks are made in Colombia. The video above shows the final quality control checking for every hammock.

The Hamaca Deck Set is a great value hammock and stand set that is very easy to set up and take down. It is a large comfortable hammock that is stylish too.