Read 5 Reasons why Hamaca hammocks are superior hammocks + how to get FREE shipping.

You might have noticed that there are many hammocks available online today.

So, other than colours, what's the difference ?

Here are 5 reasons why Hamaca hammocks from Hammock Heaven are MUCH better than other hammocks:

1. Hammocks with Cadejos

Cadejos is the spanish word for chains. This refers to the twisted plaits at each end of the hammock. These look beautiful and they help to distribute the weight perfectly which makes a more comfortable hammock. This is common on Colombian hammocks, but not so common on hammocks made in China.

2. Hammocks Made in Colombia

Hammocks have a long tradition in Colombia. Colombian hammocks have some design differences to Brazilian hammocks. One of these is the open loop at the end. This makes it quicker and easier to hang the hammock in different places and again distribute the weight a bit better.

3. Hammocks From Eco-Friendly Cotton

Our Hamaca hammocks are made from recycled cotton. This is many times kinder to the environment than organic cotton. The cotton for your next hammock comes from Mexico where it is spun in to yarn and dyes before being shipped to Colombia to be woven in to hammocks.

4. Hammocks Made by Experienced Happy Staff

Some of the people working in the hammock factory have been working there for 25 years! Staff turnover is very low due to the good working conditions. You can see videos and interviews at the hammock factory here.

5. Extra Strong Hammocks

When we chose the thickness of the fabric and the strength capacity of the strings, we made everything at the highest practical level. This means the hammock fabric is thicker and stronger and the strings will be durable for many many years.

How to get FREE shipping on your Hammocks.

  1. Have a UK delivery address and make sure you have more than £49 worth of hammocks and fixings in your basket.
  2. That's it. Place your order and shipping will always be FREE in the UK. 
  3. Your Hamaca hammock will arrive on the next working day. Most Vivere items will take a few days, but shipping will still be FREE!
Cadejos looks stylish and help distribute weight perfectly

Cadejos on the Raya Family Hammock

Watch videos from our hammock factory on Youtube

Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the delivery charges for orders from Hammock Heaven?

Free delivery for most UK postcodes. Some Highlands and most islands are not free. You will know who you are!

Which payment methods are accepted by Hammock Heaven?

Our main payment processor is Paypal. From our point of view they are the cheapest and have the best interface. From your point of view they are the biggest, most reputable and easiest to checkout with. Paypal accept all cards. We also accept Bitcoin and offer a discount to customers choosing this method.

How long will delivery take?

If you order by 12:30pm on Monday-Friday, we will dispatch your order the same day. Later than tat it will be the next working day. We use an overnight delivery service. The courier usually delivers on week days. Overseas customers and remote areas customers will have to wait a little longer.

How secure is shopping with Hammock Heaven? Is my data protected?

We only collect the information from you that we need to process your order. We never see your payment information and we do not and can not store that information. We will share your delivery address with the courier so they can deliver your order, but other than that we will never share your details with another company.

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noun: hammock; plural noun: hammocks
  1. a bed made of canvas or rope mesh suspended from two supports by cords at both ends.
Hammock definition and origin
mid 16th century (in the Spanish form hamaca ): via Spanish from Taino hamaka ; the ending was altered in the 16th century by association with -ock.

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💛 Beautiful, well made hammock, super fast delivery and lovely customer service. I like everything about this company from their ethics to their attention to attention to detail 💛

💛 Thank you so much – superb service as ever, the hammock arrived this morning and I was able to enjoy the sunny afternoon dozing in the garden in blissful comfort! Regards Lorna 💛

💛 Hi Paul My hammock arrived on Friday & I just wanted to say that I think it is fabulous – really good quality and the colours are beautiful. Often you take a bit of a punt when you order things on line but I am very impressed with your service & the hammock is better than I could have hoped. 💛

💛 Thanks – the hammocks have arrived and are great – just what I wanted. Highly efficient service. I shall recommend your firm to others. Regards, J 💛

💛 I wanted to say thank you so much for your service!!! I absolutely adore my new hammock, it’s beautifully made and the recycled cotton material is so much softer than I thought it would be! 💛

💛 Thank you Stuart for your brilliant customer service, knowledge and advice. The hammock is fantastic and it makes the garden a really fun place to be, not to mention relaxing. Thank you! Alex V 💛