These are the questions that customers ask us the most, both about our hammocks and about our service. They are in order of the frequency we hear them. This is the best place to look for quick answers, but the live chat box is available, or you can contact us.

What size hammock should I buy ?

The bigger the better generally. In a bigger hammock you can lay flatter. Even our single hammocks such as the Iguana are quite big, so for one person I would recommend those.

If you think you will be in the hammock with your kids or partner then get at least a double hammock and if you have the space get a family hammock. It depends what space you have and what you want to you with your hammock.

Single hammocks pack up small and are very portable. Close to the portability of travel hammocks.

Double hammocks are a bit bigger, not so portable but if you plan to keep the hammock at home or in the garden then who cares.

The family hammocks mean room to lay in either direction, and you can fit 2 adults and kids in a hammock. Two adults can lay side by side and the hammock reshapes itself to make two bays to lay in. This is very comfortable.

The Supernova hammock is just brilliant. It is big enough to hang out in with a whole group of friends. Or if you are just one or two people, you can bring the sides over to make a roof, it is that big. And you can also lay in any direction.

What should I buy with my hammock ?

You need to decide where you will hang your hammock. If you will hang it between two trees, then get some tree bands.

If you will hang it indoors and don’t have room for a hammock stand, then you will need some wall fixings, we have a number of hammock accessory sets that include the hooks that can be fixed in to the wall.

If you want to have your hammock indoors or out, but don’t have any walls or trees, then you should buy a hammock stand. Single hammocks go with either the Siberia 359 hammock stand or the Postura hammock stand. Double hammocks go with the Postura hammock stand or the SIberia 437 hammock stand, and Family hammocks go with the Siberia 437 hammock stand.

For outdoor hammocks, I would always recommend the hammock table. It is so handy for your phone or book. It doesn’t cost much and you will always be using it.

When can I expect delivery?

It depends what item you are buying. It will say clearly on each product either ‘Overnight Shipping’ or ‘4-7 days delivery’. This is working days, so if you order on Thursday morning on a product that is on overnight shipping, you can expect delivery on Friday. If you order Thursday afternoon, then it will be sent on Friday, so you can expect delivery on Monday.

Once your order is shipped, we will send you a tracking code and you will be able to track the shipment online.

Generally smaller items go to DHL servicepoints for collection at your convenience, and larger items are delivered to your door.

Remote areas might take an extra 1-2 days. You will know if this is the usual case for the area you live in.

For the items marked with 4-7 days delivery, then you can expect delivery 4-7 working days after it is shipped.

What if delivery is not as expected ?

You can expect to receive an email with the tracking information for your shipment by 11am on the day following the shipping. Usually it wil be by 5pm on the day of shipping.If you order on a working day by 12:30pm, you can expect your order to be shipped that day, otherwise on the next working day.So if you have not received an email with the tracking information by 11am on the day after the expected shipping day, then please get in touch.

Normally you will have your tracking code, so you can easily check online the progress of your delivery. If anything looks strange or slow, then the quickest way to get information is to call the courier directly. You are welcome to call us and have us call the courier on your behalf, but it is better that you call them. Sometimes the courier needs extra information or has a question, and passing messages back and forth is inefficient compared to a direct conversation, so I would recommend you call the courier, although we are happy to help.

Hanging chair or hammock ?

Hanging chairs are great. If you prefer to sit than lay, then a hanging chair is for you. Hanging chairs generally only fit one person comfortably, although they are good for reading stories to small kids.

The other benefit of hanging chairs is that they have a smaller footprint. You only need about 120 x 120cm floor space to comfortably have a hanging chair indoors. For a hammock it is about 350cm x 140cm.

Kids love hanging chairs. Our kids without fail wake up in the morning and go and have a quick swing in their hanging chairs. Hanging chairs seem to encourage reading too.. for both adults and kids.

Which couriers do you use ?

For Hamaca products we use UPS. For some small items we may use Royalmail.

For Vivere products we use DPD from the Netherlands.

Since 2004, we have used all couriers. UPS cost us a bit more, but we have found them and Royalmail to be the most reliable. I am really sick of useless couriers, so we prefer the one that works the best.

Do you supply to trade ?

Yes, go to to find out more. If you are selling online, we will help you with uploads. If you have a physical shop, we can deliver small or large quantities. If you want hammocks for an event or for gifts, then we can help with that too.

Or if you want to make 15% , then please sign up as an affiliate here.

What is the Bitcoin payment method ?

Bitcoin is digital money. It has a number of advantages over government issued money, and some temporary disadvantages. We like it and we offer a 10% discount if you choose to pay with Bitcoin.

We hope these videos clarify something that may be totally new to you.

What is Bitcoin?

How to get Bitcoins?

How to spend Bitcoins?

Bitcoin in depth

Are your hammocks fair trade hammocks ?

We personally have visited the suppliers in both Colombia and India. We have inspected all the production facilities. We are 100% satisfied that all the staff are there voluntarily. The sign of a company being a decent place to work is in the staff turnover, and there is a very low staff turnover at our production facilities, and indeed at our company. Check out this video series to see and hear for yourself.

What guarantee or warranty do you offer ?
  1. We guarantee the lowest price for our Hamaca hammocks. If you find a better offer, we will refund the difference and give you a voucher for £20 to spend either here or at our other websites.
  2. All our products have at least a 1 year warranty. So if anything goes wrong in a year, you can return for a full refund. Of course hammocks are stands will last many many years, and if you take basic care of them they will last many years more.
I have another question ...

Please get in touch. If they same question comes up a few times, we will add it here.

Contact us here  or use the live chat box or call us in working hours.

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Overnight Shipping
Overnight Shipping
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