These are the questions that customers ask us the most, both about our hammocks and about our service. They are in order of the frequency we hear them. This is the best place to look for quick answers, but the live chat box is available, or you can contact us.


Hammock FAQs

What size hammock should I buy ?

The bigger the better generally. In a bigger hammock you can lay flatter. Even our single hammocks such as the Iguana are quite big, so for one person I would recommend those.

If you think you will be in the hammock with your kids or partner then get at least a double hammock and if you have the space get a family hammock. It depends what space you have and what you want to you with your hammock.

Single hammocks pack up small and are very portable. Close to the portability of travel hammocks.

Double hammocks are a bit bigger, not so portable but if you plan to keep the hammock at home or in the garden then who cares.

The family hammocks mean room to lay in either direction, and you can fit 2 adults and kids in a hammock. Two adults can lay side by side and the hammock reshapes itself to make two bays to lay in. This is very comfortable.

The Supernova hammock is just brilliant. It is big enough to hang out in with a whole group of friends. Or if you are just one or two people, you can bring the sides over to make a roof, it is that big. And you can also lay in any direction.

What should I buy with my hammock ?

You need to decide where you will hang your hammock. If you will hang it between two trees, then get some tree bands.

If you will hang it indoors and don’t have room for a hammock stand, then you will need some wall fixings, we have a number of hammock accessory sets that include the hooks that can be fixed in to the wall.

If you want to have your hammock indoors or out, but don’t have any walls or trees, then you should buy a hammock stand. Single hammocks go with either the Siberia 359 hammock stand or the Postura hammock stand. Double hammocks go with the Postura hammock stand or the SIberia 437 hammock stand, and Family hammocks go with the Siberia 437 hammock stand.

For outdoor hammocks, I would always recommend the hammock table. It is so handy for your phone or book. It doesn’t cost much and you will always be using it.

When can I expect delivery?

It depends what item you are buying. It will say clearly on each product either ‘Overnight Shipping’ or ‘4-7 days delivery’. This is working days, so if you order on Thursday morning on a product that is on overnight shipping, you can expect delivery on Friday. If you order Thursday afternoon, then it will be sent on Friday, so you can expect delivery on Monday.

Once your order is shipped, we will send you a tracking code and you will be able to track the shipment online.

Generally smaller items go to DHL servicepoints for collection at your convenience, and larger items are delivered to your door.

Remote areas might take an extra 1-2 days. You will know if this is the usual case for the area you live in.

For the items marked with 4-7 days delivery, then you can expect delivery 4-7 working days after it is shipped.

What if delivery is not as expected ?

You can expect to receive an email with the tracking information for your shipment by 11am on the day following the shipping. Usually it wil be by 5pm on the day of shipping.If you order on a working day by 12:30pm, you can expect your order to be shipped that day, otherwise on the next working day.So if you have not received an email with the tracking information by 11am on the day after the expected shipping day, then please get in touch.

Normally you will have your tracking code, so you can easily check online the progress of your delivery. If anything looks strange or slow, then the quickest way to get information is to call the courier directly. You are welcome to call us and have us call the courier on your behalf, but it is better that you call them. Sometimes the courier needs extra information or has a question, and passing messages back and forth is inefficient compared to a direct conversation, so I would recommend you call the courier, although we are happy to help.

Hanging chair or hammock ?

Hanging chairs are great. If you prefer to sit than lay, then a hanging chair is for you. Hanging chairs generally only fit one person comfortably, although they are good for reading stories to small kids.

The other benefit of hanging chairs is that they have a smaller footprint. You only need about 120 x 120cm floor space to comfortably have a hanging chair indoors. For a hammock it is about 350cm x 140cm.

Kids love hanging chairs. Our kids without fail wake up in the morning and go and have a quick swing in their hanging chairs. Hanging chairs seem to encourage reading too.. for both adults and kids.

Which couriers do you use ?

For Hamaca products we use UPS. For some small items we may use Royalmail.

For Vivere products we use DPD from the Netherlands.

Since 2004, we have used all couriers. UPS cost us a bit more, but we have found them and Royalmail to be the most reliable. I am really sick of useless couriers, so we prefer the one that works the best.

Do you supply to trade ?

Yes, go to to find out more. If you are selling online, we will help you with uploads. If you have a physical shop, we can deliver small or large quantities. If you want hammocks for an event or for gifts, then we can help with that too.

Or if you want to make 15% , then please sign up as an affiliate here.

What is the Bitcoin payment method ?

Bitcoin is digital money. It has a number of advantages over government issued money, and some temporary disadvantages. We like it and we offer a 10% discount if you choose to pay with Bitcoin.

We hope these videos clarify something that may be totally new to you.

What is Bitcoin?

How to get Bitcoins?

How to spend Bitcoins?

Bitcoin in depth

Are your hammocks fair trade hammocks ?

We personally have visited the suppliers in both Colombia and India. We have inspected all the production facilities. We are 100% satisfied that all the staff are there voluntarily. The sign of a company being a decent place to work is in the staff turnover, and there is a very low staff turnover at our production facilities, and indeed at our company. Check out this video series to see and hear for yourself.

What guarantee or warranty do you offer ?
  1. We guarantee the lowest price for our Hamaca hammocks. If you find a better offer, we will refund the difference and give you a voucher for £20 to spend either here or at our other websites.
  2. All our products have at least a 1 year warranty. So if anything goes wrong in a year, you can return for a full refund. Of course hammocks are stands will last many many years, and if you take basic care of them they will last many years more.
What are the best hammocks?

Firstly ,it depends what you want it for.

In general, the bigger the better, so you should get the biggest hammock that fits the space you have available or the weight you want to carry.

Spreader bar hammocks arguably look nicer than traditional style hammocks, but I generally recommend the traditional style ones for the extra stability and support.

Travel hammocks are small and portable and have the ropes built in, so ideal for trekking. 

HAMACA is the top brand in the world for quality according to the impartial judges stationed at Hammock Heaven HQ.

Why did sailors sleep in hammocks?

According to Bing. This is the third most common questions asked about hammocks… but nobody has asked anyone in our team this question since 2004 when we set up shop.

But, in case you want to know… Aboard ship, hammocks were regularly employed for sailors sleeping on the gun decks of warships, where limited space prevented the installation of permanent bunks. … Many sailors became so accustomed to this way of sleeping that they brought their hammocks ashore with them on leave.

I have another question ...

Please get in touch. If they same question comes up a few times, we will add it here.

Contact us here  or use the live chat box or call us in working hours.

More Hammocks Q&A from Reddit....
What are the advantages?Aleviates almost all back issues.
Shown to provide deeper sleep.
Easier to fall asleep.
The light swinging can synchronize the hemispheres of the brain leading to increased learning and concentration. (I love reading in my hammock for this reason, its a surprisingly notable difference from stationary furniture.)
The light swinging can synchronize the hemispheres of the brain leading to increased learning and concentration.Citation needed (in great big flashing lights)Good Enough?
What back issues does it not alleviate? What back issues does it exacerbate?Spinal nerve issues can be worsened from what I understand, but this is generally not caused from improper sleeping.
Hammock sleeping seems like it would cause lordosis.Lordosis is actually helped by hammock sleeping. To sleep on a hammock you sleep on an angle across the center line, and creates a flat surface along the body. If you have the hammock hung correctly, it alleviates pressure points much more effectively than even tempurpedic.
Very interesting, how do you hang a hammock the right way?Its all about spacing, and that really depends on your height. You just have to play with the distance till you find what is best for you.
I love all the info about back health but do you have any medical proof/links to back it up? I am greatly interested, since I have a bad lumbar and possibly just a bad back in general due to genetics.There are tons of studies to back it up, and many doctors will actually prescribe hammock sleeping for back issues.
I'm on my phone right now though, so links would be a hassle. A quick Google search will shed light on the subject though 🙂
How do you hang your hammock in your room? I have been interested in having a hammock in my room for quite some time, but cannot figure out where to put it. Also you rock! (Get it?)>I have it mounted to studs. You have to be careful though, older studs may be dry rotted, and newer ones may be aluminum and not strong enough to hold you.
You can also get a stand.
It actually took me a minute to get it, but a chuckle escaped when I did.
It actually took me a minute to get it, but a chuckle escaped when I did.Headphones please!This was...flattering. Upvote.
Aluminum studs do not exist that I am aware of, You are referring to a thinner gauge galvanized steel for standard household usage, But I assure you if installed correctly they have plenty enough strength to hold you, your buddy, his dog, and that big ass rock down the road.My experience was just from a couple people who tried to hang it with eye-bolts in these newer metal studs. Because of the way it ripped it seemed aluminum.
How, if ever, does it affect the situation when you bring a date home?I have a murphy bed for sleeping on with company. But hammocks are like an aphrodisiac to women (its novel), and it is actually wonderful for sexy times.
Have you ever flipped?Not once. That really only happens on hammocks with wood separators.
Sounds fun. But would that put a bit too much pressure on whatever's holding it in place? Or is that fine?It is fine for mine, but I have a very sturdy setup. It would be totally okay on a stand too. The only problem would be if it is mounted to old dry-rotted studs.
Don't fuck in a hammock with wood separators, you might separate your wood.The hospital is where that will end.
I flip on my covered camping hammock often when I'm drunk. Is it because I'm 6'4" and finding my center of gravity is harder, or is it a technical issue because I'm not hanging it properly? What should I look for?Sounds like it is hung too tight. Try to give it a little more slack.
Also, when you get on the hammock it should be around seat level for easiest entry. When I'm in my hammock the distance to the floor is only about a foot.
Does it ever like, bunch up if you sleep in it? Also, how do you hang it in your room? Can you prove pics when you're home?Never. It takes a few nights practice to get in the swing of things, but once you do its smooth sailing.
I will, yes.
Where do you have your Hammock (when you're using it)? I'm considering testing it out, is it possible to mount it over a bed?I have it mounted to studs. You have to be careful though, older studs may be dry rotted, and newer ones may be aluminum and not strong enough to hold you.
Many people I know who are hammockers have it mounted over a bed, though their beds are not on risers.
You can also get a stand, but it takes up considerably more room. I love having it wall mounted cause in the morning i just unhook one side and put it on the other hook, and BAM, so much more space for activities.
How long have you been sleeping in a hammock?I have been sleeping in a hammock majority of the time for about a year now. That photo was at my mothers house.
I wonder because this doesnt look like a hammock to me! (NSFW-ish).I am a hair away from being 6'2", and there is definitely still plenty of room to spare on my hammock. There are actually some doctors who prescribe hammocks for scoliosis. Depending on the angle of the curvature there are different ways to lay to help.
For clarity, I'm not calling BS, I was just hoping to get a time scale of how long you've been in the situation of hammock-sleeping, as I'm a rather taller-than-average person (6'4") with scoliosis and was wondering what possible long-term effects there might be?I would say definitely give it a try. Maybe a week trial, and see how it feels. Also ask your doctor about it, but as far as I know a hammock would be very beneficial.
Damn. You're beautiful.Oh stop it you!
You took a gone wildish pic of yourself at your mother's house?Yes. Yes I did.
I like to sleep on my stomach. Would that be comfortable in a hammock?Not at all. I sleep on my stomach often. Sleeping on it properly is key. You lay on an angle across the center line which created a flat surface for your body.
I'm (legitimately) confused - it is "not at all" comfortable? But you do it often?Sorry, I read it as "uncomfortable". It is very, very comfortable.
Oh neat, where can you get one?Depends what type of hammock you are looking for. ENOs can be purchased at outdoor/sporting good stores. Mayans you find in some specialty shops, especially in florida and the southwest. Brazilians I have never seen locally sold, so online.
Which is best for transitioning from bed to hammock? Mayan, yeah?Mayan is good, because (if made with good material) they can be very soft. The transition really is not hard at all.
Can you post pictures of your hammock?I'm not currently at home, but here is a picture of my current nightly hammock: ENO Double Nest
where did you buy it?I got my ENO at REI and my Mayan Hammock in Florida at a local shop.
Sooo the person in the picture is not properly using their hammock?Not for proper sleeping, no. Though I do sleep on my back like that sometimes. I'm an occasional smoker, so when I do light up some trees that position is wonderful for naps.
I have an ENO as well but I don't use it for regular sleep. Might have to give it a try tonight =)Do it! I love my ENO. I am very tall and find the DoubleNest much more comfy. But even the single size is better than a bed IMO. 🙂
I have the exact same hammock as you. Same color and a double nest. I love your post.Thanks! Glad to see there are many other hammockers out there.
Are you comfy?I'm pretty skinny so I'm not that comfy.
But really, yes, hammocks are the most comfortable thing I have ever slept on.
Do you use any sort of pillows and or blankets? If not, could you reccomend something that could work with a hammock? (I live in Canada)I use a huge fluffy down comforter. As for a pillow, it depends on my mood, most often not. But when I do, I use a flat thin pillow.
So the hammock is pretty thin on the bottom, do you lay the comforter under yourself too? (I have a down comforter also, so glad that will work).The hammock is fairly thin. This is why I use the ENO hammock the most, it really holds the heat it. As for putting the blanket underneath me, its more just whatever my preference is at the time.
If you deal with much cold you can also get an underquilt which you attach to to the bottom for extra warmth.
I sleep in my hammock every night too! I just use a sleeping bag. Gets kinda stinky after a couple weeks though.I suggest getting a big down comforter. Its my fav.
What about for those of us in hot environments? Is the parachute material a bad idea? What would breath best?Mayans breath best. To clarify, I live in the desert, and have both hot summers and cold winters. The parachute nylon breathes just fine for me and never have heating problems.
Though if you have high humidity it may be different.
I'm intrigued by the idea of getting a hammock but I live in Canada and it gets mighty cold here. Would this be enough warmth when it's -30c outside? (obviously I will have the heat on in my house but my window isn't well sealed)The make nifty things called UnderQuilts. They attach to the underside and it is plenty warm!
Texas here, we don't have high humidity content. We have low air content.I lived in coastal Houston for a few years. I know that feel bro.
Do you own a bed?I do own a bed, but it is mostly for guests. Although I have an extra hammock which I try to convince people to try.
Would sleeping in a hammock every night mess up your back?Quite the opposite. Hammock sleeping alleviates almost all skeletal sleeping related issues.
Do you ever have dreams of falling?All the time. But this was happening long before my hammocking days.
So you're single?This AMA sprouted from the "Best things about being single" thread. So yes. Quite.
What kind of hammock do you use? Does it matter?I use an ENO camping hammock and a Mayan hammock (see OP).
Hammocks with wooden crossbars are dangerous (due to flipping) and not good for your back.
Loose hanging, finely woven hammocks are optimal.
Is there some reason you know of that any hammocks are made with wooden crossbars? If it makes them dangerous (I am not disagreeing on that!) why would anyone waste the wood?Western culture thought it looked better. That is the only reason I know of. Crossbar hammocks are evil.
What are the disadvantages?None that I can think of. Except sleeping more than one person in a single hammock is damn near impossible.
Lounging/relaxing/sitting/napping with multiple people is fine, but for nightly sleep it isnt effective at all.
Are there any hammocks made specifically for two (or more) people?Yes, mine is technically made for two, but I still don't find it to comfortable sleep 2 unfortunately.
What made you want to sleep in a hammock?>I started thinking about it because I was in the market for a new bed, and saw that hammocks were much cheaper than mattresses. Started doing some research and it just took off from there.
What's it like having sex on one of these? I figure it's mighty difficult. Is that why it's necessary to have a mattress handy? If that's the case, it doesn't sound much cheaper.It's quite easy once you get the hang of it. For reference: NSFW
Do you have to wear a deer's head? Also, can it safely hold two people?Tribal costumes are required. I have had 4 people sit on mine at one time.
I am not a clever man, bearing that in mind how often would I fall out of said hammock?Never, See OP for reference but the proper type of sleeping hammock hugs you. I have only fallen out once, but that was due to alcohol and thinking I was on a playground swing.
Would it be possible to setup a hammock indoors, if the room is only 10x10 feet? I might also add that I'm 6'3" tall, so I guess I would need a longer hammock?I am almost your height (6'1"). You would have to set it up diagonally, as the span required is on average 12'.
What do you attach the hammock to indoor? Does it come with a frame or did you have a drill hooks into the wall or roof?Most (good) hammocks do not come with a frame. Mine is mounted to wall studs with eye-bolts.
What kind of a hammock? Mayan?See OP. I do have a mayan but use my DoubleNest ENO most often. Same concept as a mayan, but more durable, and the parachute materiel used is very soft and warm.
Did you set it up with a stand? I did some googling and found the Vario hammock stand...any opinions on it?I have my main hammock mounted to studs (see another reply for more on that). But I also have a stand I built for my spare hammock when company visits. I usually always convince them to try it.
That is a good stand, adjust ability is key. I have a friend with that stand.
Have you ever fell out of the hammock while sleeping for any reason?Once, but bourbon was the cause. Sleeping properly in the hammock actually kind of envelopes you. Getting out of the hammock is actually harder than getting in.
Do you ever wake up tangled up? If so, what is your worst experience with that sort of thing.Not at all. Another thing about hammock sleeping is it is very common to wake up in the exact position you fell asleep in, because it provides deeper sleep.
How much does a regular hammock cost? I'm kinda poor right now, and I'm pretty interested.An ENO can range from $80 - $200. My ENO cost $120, and my Mayan was $50.
Frugality is the reason I started using hammocks in the first place.
I got my ENO DoubleNest for $65 or so at REI.My ENO came with an underquilt and tarp. Neither of which I even use, but oh well.
Having never slept on a hammock, I'm trying to get a sense of this... When you are sleeping on your side, does the hammock always force your spine into a slight angle? If so, does that take getting used to? Also, for someone that turns over a bunch while sleeping, does the slight angle make turning over awkward?Not all all. If you sleep correctly on the hammock (on an angle across the center line) it creates almost a perfect flat surface.
Also it is very common to wake up in the same position you fell asleep in on a hammock because it provides deeper sleep, so I wouldn't worry about that.
Do you have a blanket and pillow? Or do you just sleep with out them?I have a big down comforter I use. I mostly do not use a pillow and just wrap my comforter under my head. But I do have a flat pillow I use sometimes.
Do you use eye bolts or a stand? I'm looking to maybe get a stand to use in my room with my eno and was wondering if you have any suggestions on what kind i should get.I use eye-bolts in studs. I lucked out and have 4x4 studs that are extremely strong. It is possible to mount to a normal 2x4 stud, provided they are not too old and dry-rotting.
As for a stand, just make sure it is adjustable, that's the most important thing.
I built a hammock thats just a 9x6' (~2x3m) sheet of denim bunched together at the ends and tied with a rope around some trees. How does this compare to your hammock?My ENO is 10'x6'. My mayan is considerably larger at 12'x8'. The ENO is made from a very soft nylon (parachute material), so I'm not sure how denim would feel. Sounds a little rough. But as for dimensions, that size would work for most.
So, the fact that its just bunched up at the ends has no role? Also, denim is damn comfy.That is how it should be, separators are the devil.
Do you (or anyone else in this thread, for that matter) know anything about hammock sleeping with insomnia? You've said it gives you a deeper sleep, but do you get to sleep faster too?It does. I suffered from severe insomnia before the hammock life.
Does it work well if you are drunk? you said that you felt out of it once when drunk, but is it save to sleep and to get in when drunk? also I have big problems getting in sleep, i might be awake for 2 hours before i fall a sleep even when im tired, would a hammock help?I fall asleep almost instantly in my hammock. Before I had pretty bad insomnia.
Drunk can be a little odd, and a few people have thrown up in my hammock due to nausea. But unless I am shit for brains drunk it's totally fine.
If I don't want to use studs, what other options are there? I'm living in an apartment and don't want to put anything in the walls. Also, how do the different types of hammocks breathe? Is one material better for summer? winter? etc.The other option is a stand. I have built my own stand out of two reinforced shelves. I like it better than the metal stands because it makes it fit in better with the indoor furniture.
I use one year round, although presumably the Mayans will tend to be better for summer.
Though I have not experienced it I would imagine the parachute nylon of camping hammocks may be unpleasant if you live in a humid climate.
If you don't mind me asking for temperature reference, where do you live? I'm in the Philadelphia area so it can be either very hot or very cold depending on the time of year.I live in the southwest. It can get to 0 degrees F, and up to 110. But there is no humidity here. I never have trouble staying warm or cool in my ENO.
I am a little bit late on the boat, but here is my question: Would a hammock be recommended for an invidiual that sleepwalks a couple times a week? It seems it may be more difficult to transfer in and out of a hammock safely while sleepwalk. Any thoughts?Sleepwalking only occurs in light sleep phases. Seeing how well hammocks put you into deep sleep I would not be surprised if it cured it for you.
What if you prefer to sleep next to someone?This is the only type of hammock I could see being comfy with two people. But because of the design you would lose many of the benefits of a traditional hammock.
Great helpful advice! I live in a small room and that would be so handy to have. I saw you mention that it takes away some back pain but I've heard rumors that it causes more harm than good to your back. Do you know of anything like this going on? Does it cause your back to be, in the medical terms, 'fucked up'?Nope. Absolutely not. It is wonderful for you're spinal health, provided you are sleeping properly.
I've been considering trying this. Would you recommend this over a bed?I would reccomend a hammock over a bed to everyone, unless you have severe mobility issues, than getting in and out may be a challenge.
Where did you get the idea to get rid of your mattress and hang up a hammock in your bedroom? I swear to god when I was little it was always my dream to have a hammock for a bed ever since I watched the kid in "The Rescuers Down Under" do it.I did it out of frugality initially, but ended up falling in love with it.
How does one cuddle?Well. Not good for actually sleeping with another, but cuddling is great.
Where is the best place to buy a hammock (either online or in person)?I got my ENO at REI. But for a Mayan your best bet is online.
Reading reviews on hammocks, I see that several customers have had them rip open underneath them, depositing them on whatever uncomfortable object was below. Have you had that happen or heard of someone that has had that happen? It's my biggest qualm.I have never experienced or heard of this happening with a quality hammock. The ENOs should NEVER tear unless you exceed the weight limit or have something sharp on your person.
Anyway, this is very, very unlikely if you have a well made hammock.
Alright. The first one I saw was on a $20 one, so I wasn't too worried, but there was one or two accounts for ENOs. Just a bit bothersome considering I'd be using a metal stand.I wouldn't worry about it. Excessive (read: daily) sun exposure can dry out the fabric and make the nylon weak. This is likely what happened in the ENO cases.
How hard is it to "get out of hammock"?Pretty simple once you get the hang of it. Mine is nice and low to the ground so its even easier.
After a while you really get to know the balance of the hammock and what happens when you put weight in different places.
What is a good hammock / stand combo for someone who wants to try this?If you want a good setup you wont find the hammock and stand together. I highly suggest a large mayan or an ENO camping hammock. As for the stand, just make sure it is adjustable.
How much did the hammock + everything you needed to set it up cost?You can get a good setup with a stand for around $150. Mine is wall mounted, and the stand I have was custom built and only about $30 for the material.
Great post! The ENO camping hammock you use looks great. Do you think it is suitable for most kinds of camping, or are there premium alternatives that you think would really give a benefit when using a hammock outdoors (beathability / insulation / weather prooofing / &c.)? Basically I don't know enough about hammocks to know what is a gimmick and what is really worth paying for. I have been looking to do camping in Japan, and there is often very little clear space on the ground to set up a tent, so I was considering trying a hammock. Can you give any advice for using them outdoors, or have you just used for domestic sleeping?I use my ENO for camping and indoors. A company called TrekLite also makes some quality hammocks. Those two brands are very high quality hammocks and will last you years or even facades with good care.
Do you have to replace your hammock frequently? How long do they usually last?With proper care I have heard ENOs lasting a super long time. I think it would be safe to say most well made hammocks have double the life of your average mattress.
I'm pretty tall (6'5") and find that my feet end up higher than my body, and so get really cold/get pins and needles when I sleep in a hammock. Any tips for avoiding this?Lay on a bit more of an angle our raise up one side by a couple inches.
With a Mayan or Brazilian hammock how do you make sure your back stays warm on cold nights? Do you just wrap yourself in a blanket?A blanket or an underquilt. Underquilts attach to the bottom of the hammock and provide tremendous amounts of warmth.
Do you think a hammock like this one would defeat the purpose? Doubtful there would be much swing with this design.It would defeat the purpose. It should be a saggy loose hammock.
Are you a psychonaut?Yes, although my means of exploration have changed over the years
There seems to be a clear advantage to the hammock. What are some disadvantages? And if it really is so great, i'm curious to why it's so unpopular (especially with students + young single adults)The only disadvantage I have ever had is two people trying to sleep on one hammock. Doesn't work too well.
As to why its not more popular I have no damn clue. Its been common practice in south America for a long, long time.
What's it like getting out of "bed" in the morning? Typically I have to literally roll out of bed to get motivated...Well I used an app (SleepTime) that wakes you up during your lightest sleep phase and leaves you feeling much better upon waking. After a while my body seems to do it naturally and I don't need the app anymore.
Ever try a Hennessey Hammock?I have. I could never find one without a bug net on it though, which is pointless for my indoor use. Good hammocks though, and I hear avid backpackers love them.
I have a back injury at the moment. Your comment of alleviating back pain caught my interest. What kind of pricing is a hammock like you use. Also you mentioned a stand for indoor use, would that too be sold in an out door store as well?In the US and western culture most hammock stuff will be sold in outdoor supplies.
For a hammock and stand you're looking at about $150.
Do you use sheets or a blanket?I use a giant down comforter. Curl up in that and then wrap the excess hammock over the top and I'm in orgasmic sleeping heaven.
How much space do i need foot one? My room is extremely small and the idea of being able to move the hammock to one side is very appealing. My room is something like 8x9.You would have to hang it on am angle, but it requires anywhere from 8-14ft on average depending on the type of hammock.
Do you know any good ways to mount a sturdy hammock in an apartment or is this not really reccomended? Intent: sleeping.Depends how old your apartment is and their rules. If mounting is not possible a stand may be the way to go.
Are there any stands you could recommend for indoor use?Build one custom is my suggestion. You can do it for pretty cheap providing you have access to good tools.
Hey dude, I have a ENO and a Grand Trunk. (I actually won a grand trunk in a contest on Twitter a month or two back.) Anyway, I was wondering, how do you set up your hammock indoors? I'm in a rented hosue and I don't want to damage the walls/ceiling but also don't want to buy clunky framing.I have my main one stud mounted. But I also built reinforced shelving that can hold a hammock.
Would you recommend this to students? I'm seriously considering getting a hammock now.I would. The other friends of mine that are hammockers are at university and they love it.
How is it when your drunk and have the spins? I image the slight rocking would make it pretty bad.It can be. I don't always get the spins, but when I do it makes me purge.
I'm adding this to my bucket list. Are there any benefits to other parts of the body? I have bad knees and generally have to sleep with a pillow between them for support. But, being on your back would totally change this.I have heard many good things for all skeletal issues, not just back.
How do blankets work in a hammock?Wonderfully.
It was this. I don't even know why they deleted it.Weird, I didnt touch it and it still shows up for me.
I slept in a hammock for about 2 years, so i dont have a question, but thanks for making me feel like less of a weirdo! (retroactively)Woop!
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