You can hang a hammock pretty much anywhere. They are usually easy to hang up and use. I hope our guide will make it even easier and remove any doubt for you.

1. Hanging A Hammock From A Tree

I thought I would start with the easiest method first. If you have two trees that are reasonably close together then it is quick and simple to hang a hammock between them. Simply put the tree bands around the tree as shown in the video, and use the included hooks to attach it to the hammock.

This video shows how to hang a hammock from a tree using Hamaca Tree Bands.

How close together do the trees need to be for hammocks?

It depends on the size of the hammock. For example, our smallest hammocks such as the wonderful kids hammock Playa are only 195cm long and the rope is directly at the end of the fabric. For this hammock you only need trees that are  at least 200cm apart. So that would be the minimum. In general, the minimum hanging distance for a hammock is the total length of the hammock, including the cords. You can get away with a gap about 5-20cm shorter than that, but no more unless you want to use it more like a chair! 

For the maximum distance, you can hang a hammock with quite a large gap. The limit to the maximum size of the gap is a combination of the height of the hanging points on the trees and the elasticity of the ropes and the hammock itself. Our tree bands are 3 meters long each, which allows for about 2-2.5 meters at each end of the hammock. Any longer than this and you end up with the hammock high in the air when not being used, and touching the ground when it is being used. So let’s say hammock plus 4.5meters as a rule of thumb.


i.e. the smallest gap between your trees

1. Playa – kids hammock – Hammock length 200cm – Minimum hanging distance 195cm.

2. Cayo – double hammock – Hammock length including cords 350cm – Minimum hanging distance 335cm .

3. Raya – family hammock – Hammock length including cords 400cm – Minimum hanging distance 380cm .



i.e. the biggest gap between your trees

1. Playa – kids hammock – Hammock length 200cm – Maximum hanging distance 450cm .

2. Cayo – double hammock – Hammock length including cords 350cm – Maximum hanging distance 800cm .

3. Raya – family hammock – Hammock length including cords 400cm – Maximum hanging distance 850cm .

2. How To Hang A Hammock From A Pagoda.

You can assume the same hanging distances as above. You can simply wrap the ropes or tree bands around the vertical post of the pagoda, even if it is smooth. So long as it is reasonably tight, when you get in the hammock it makes it even tighter due to the weight and stops it from slipping down the pole. I have personally hung hammocks from things as smooth and round as lampposts without any problem. Just test it carefully the first time.

The how-to video on the right shows Caroline setting up a camping hammock using the built-in ropes and hooks. The pagoda it was suspended from was shiny and has rounded corners.

Also worth noting in the video is the height that the ropes are attached at, and also how this starting height affects the final resting height of the hammock once Caroline is relaxing. Also, note the angle of the ropes, so you can estimate how high you would need to attach the ropes when the gap is bigger.

This method words find with any hammock with our Tree Bands.

Attach hooks to a pagoda to hang your hammock

Pagoda are usually made of wood which makes it super quick and easy to attach some hooks. If you have attached hooks, it will mean that hanging and taking down your hammock will be as simple as clip-clip.

I would recommend the Easy Plus wall hooks or the jumbo hooks. It takes just a couple of minutes to drill a small hole and screw in the screws. Once it is set up, you can simply hang your hammock with some S-hooks or a clip. 

What else can we help with?

Please ask us questions. You can either use the live chat box on the right or you can send us an email. If you think we have missed some useful instructions with regards to how to hang your hammock, then please ask, and we can expand this section.

Hanging A Hammock

Caroline demonstrates hanging a travel hammock from a pagoda.