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Camping Hammocks

We always travel with one of our travel hammocks. They pack up small and they do not weigh very much. They are big and strong and very comfortable plus they dry quickly if they become wet. The HAMACA travock’s have ropes and hooks built-in, so you are always ready to hang!

A picnic or a trek is about 50 times better if you take a camping hammock with you! Here are best campsites to stay in with camping hammocks.

FREE next day shipping on all Hamaca hammocks and free shipping on our other hammock brands.

10 Things To Know About Our Camping Hammocks 

HammockHeaven’s Travock and Parachute travel hammocks are the ultimate travel accessory. Perfect for everyone from day trippers to road warriors, they are sure to become an indispensable part of your travel gear. Here are ten things you should know about these popular packable models.

1. Stuff sack included

Did we mention packable? Both the Parachute and Travock travel hammocks come with their own stuff sack. The one on the Parachute models is even attached, creating a convenient pocket that you can use to keep a water bottle or flashlight close at hand. When you’re finished using the hammock, there’s no need to fold it like Marie Kondo folds shirts; just stuff it in the included sack and throw it in your bag.

2. Magic or manufacturing?

How is it possible for them to fit in such a compact stuff sack? Is this magic? Nope. They can be squeezed into such a small space because they are made from nylon. This silky synthetic material is very strong and durable, but also very thin and lightweight.

3. Irresistible resistance

HammockHeaven’s camping hammocks are weather-resistant and mildew resistant. The properties of nylon allow the Parachute and Travock models to dry in a flash. Got caught in a downpour? Surprised by a sudden snowfall? Hang your hammock in the sun and it will be dry in minutes. No mildew. No musty scent. No lingering dampness.

4. Single to supersized

The Parachute and Travock travel hammocks each come in two sizes perfect for one to two people. The Parachute is available in single and double sizes, while the Travock is available in regular and XL sizes. The regular Travock model can hold up to 120 kg and the XL model holds up to 180 kg. The single Parachute model is weighted for up to 118 kg, while the double-sized model can hold up to 181 kg.

5. Cool color combos

Our two-toned Travock and Parachute models come in stylized color combinations from bright orange and turquoise to neutral black and sand. Choose colors that express your personality or will stand out on Snapchat. Because HammockHeaven’s travel hammocks are made from colorfast nylon, they won’t fade in the sun or become less bright with each wash.

6. Two minutes and counting

If you’re traveling solo, you won’t need an extra pair of hands to help you set up your hammock. With just the built-in ropes that are part of every travel hammock and either the stainless steel S-hooks that come with the Travock models or a hanging kit (purchased separately) for the Parachute models, you’ll be relaxing within minutes.

7. Sweet dreams

Did you know that sleeping in a hammock has been scientifically proven to be beneficial for your health? A study done at the University of Geneva Neuroscience Center concluded that the motion of the hammock helps you sleep like a baby. Not only did the gentle rocking help a majority of the study participants fall asleep faster, it improved the quality of their sleep.

8. Buy them with Bitcoin

You can buy our hammocks with Bitcoin. Cool, right? That’s just the kind of hip company HammockHeaven is. We even give our customers a discount if they use Bitcoin to make their purchases. To buy a camping hammock with Bitcoin, transfer the amount of your purchase into your smartphone wallet. At checkout, open your wallet, scan the QR code, and press the button to confirm. It’s as simple as that.

9. The best things in life are free

HammockHeaven’s commitment to quality customer service includes FREE shipping to most UK locations on all of their hammock models. The Travock travel hammocks by HAMACA can even be on your doorstep overnight if you place your order by 12:30 in the afternoon! Not in the UK? No worries, mate. We ship everywhere from Austria to Australia. We have low-cost shipping options for our neighbours in the EU and charge our international customers only what the courier charges us. The shipping rates will be displayed at checkout. 

10. Don’t you worry ‘bout a thing

Our camping hammocks have the same warranty as our other hammock lines. If anything you buy from HammockHeaven breaks or malfunctions within the first 365 days, we will replace it or give you your money back. If you want to return an unused hammock you ordered or received as a gift, you can send it back to us within 60 days and we’ll refund the purchase in full. We also offer a low price guarantee on the HAMACA hammocks. If you find a Travock travel hammock for a lower price on another site, we’ll refund you the difference in price AND give you £20 to spend on any of our other products.

10 Reasons A Hamaca Camping Hammock Will Be Very Useful 

HAMACA’s Travock travel hammocks (see what they did there?) are lightweight and packable. Perfect for sleeping under the stars or relaxing in your backyard, they are easy to set up with the built-in ropes and stainless steel S-hooks. Here’s why we at HammockHeaven think you will find them useful:

1. Take them on the trail

It goes without saying that a hammock should be part of every serious backpacker’s travel gear. They are lighter than a tent and far easier to set up. It takes a single person less than two minutes to set up a Travock hammock using the built-in ropes and attached S-hooks. When you’re ready to pack up and hit the trail again, it takes no time at all to stuff them into the stuff sack included with every purchase. All of the time that you would have spent pulling up tent pegs, folding your tent, and drying out the ground cloth can now be used for more enjoyable activities.

2. Fabulous for festivals

Hammocks have become a go-to accessory for music festivals. You can immerse yourself in the sounds coming from the stage without having to deal with the crowds. `And since outdoor music festivals can be hard on the environment, you can minimize your impact by using a hammock rather than a tent. Hammocks have a smaller footprint than tents, so they disturb fewer plants and less wildlife. While the Travock models come with everything you need to set them up, you can combine them with the HAMACA Tree Bands to even further minimize your impact on the environment. The width of the bands creates a strong, non-slip bond that protects the trees from damage done by ropes.

3. Better at the beach

How many times have you gone to the beach, ready to work on your tan while reading a good book, and found every single beach chair occupied? When you bring a Travock travel hammock with you, you have your own seat every time. You’ll be the envy of every other beachgoer as you relax in your gently swaying hammock instead of sticking to the plastic loungers while trying to adjust the back to the perfect angle. Both the regular and XL models are wide enough that you can escape from the sun or just tune out the world by pulling the sides up around you like a cocoon.

4. Backed by science

Let’s face it — those beach loungers are uncomfortable anyway. So is lying in a sleeping bag on the ground. Sitting on the hard ground hunched over while you eat dinner around the campfire? No, thanks. Using a hammock eliminates pressure points on your spine relieving any discomfort caused by sitting or lying on a hard surface.

5. Sleep like a baby

Speaking of science, studies have shown that giving up your bed for a hammock can help you fall asleep faster and improve the quality of your sleep. Michel Muhlethaler from the University of Geneva’s Neuroscience Center said that the gentle motion created by a hammock synchronizes your brainwaves leading to a more restful slumber. It makes perfect sense if you think about it. It’s the same motion parents use to lull their babies to sleep.

6. Be seated

How many times have you been to a party or a family gathering and had to stand around awkwardly trying to balance your plate of food while shifting uncomfortably from foot to foot because all the seats were taken? Next time, bring along your Travock travel hammock and a HAMACA Hammock Table and you’ll be the envy of everyone around you.

7. No ants in your pants

Suspending your hammock off the ground keeps ants and other insects from bugging you while you are trying to relax. Paired with netting designed to surround your hammock (available separately), you can even keep mosquitos at bay. Say goodbye to creepy, crawly creatures enjoy the great outdoors bug-free with your Travock travel hammock.

8. Affordable accommodations

Camping hammocks are affordable alternatives to spending the night in a hotel or hostel. If you compare the cost of one of HammockHeaven’s Travock hammocks to even one night in a hostel, it’s easy to see that they are a good investment. There’s no need to couch surf, stay in a hostel or AirBnB, or spend too much for a hotel room when you have your own travel hammock.

9. Romantic rendezvous

Travock’s XL hammocks make a cozy cocoon for your and your date to snuggle close together and gaze at the stars in the night sky. The XL size can hold up to two adults for a total of 180 kg.

10. Wrap it up

Our camping hammocks make great gifts! Perfect for everyone from outdoor adventurers to indoor insomniacs, the Travock is a thoughtful present to give everyone on your list. Whenever they use it at the beach, a music festival, or in their own backyard, they’ll think of you and what a clever gift giver you are.