Cacoon Bonsai – Chili Red

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A cross between a hanging tent and a hammock, the Cacoon is a chic and cozy hideaway. Snuggle into the fully enclosed hanging chair to lounge or relax to your hearts content.

With a diameter of 1.2m, our newest Cacoon, The Bonsai, is perfect for your kids.
Whether you put it in their bedroom, hang it from a swing frame, or take it with you on a day out, they’ll absolutely love it – and you!

What a cool place to hang out; they’ll never be out of it. Just like its older brothers, the Bonsai is made to the highest standards. So its tough enough to cope with your little… darlings. So whether its a tent, or a Tardis; a den or a tree house; a wigwam or a wendy house, they’ll make it their own.