Jet Set (Sumo Rockstone + Aruba Cayenne)

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The Jet Set Hammock and Stand is a great all-in-one package that helps take the hassle out of hammock hanging. No trees required, simply place anywhere in your garden/home and lounge in the comfy hammock till your hearts content.

With a vibrant South American theme this great little hammock set will also spice up your garden or home. With a powder coated weather proof stand and hammock made from UV and water resistant Elltex material, this set is also built to last.

The Jet Set Hammock Set is bright and contrasting. The hammock is perfect for reading, sleeping, resting or relaxing inside or out in the garden. It comes with a spreader bar at each end and is made of Elltex material which has a special cotton feel but has the added advantage of being UV and water resistant. Bright, comfortable and very practical.

It takes 10 minutes to set up, if you have never set one up before… and 5 minutes the second time. See a video of setting up the stand here.

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