Jet Set (sumo Rockstone + Aruba Cayenne)

We used to have a caravan in our back garden when I was small, and us kids would pretend we were on holiday whenever it was sunny. We’d sit in deck chairs (which was ironic as when we actually did go away anywhere, we’d never sit still) and pretend we were away from the daily grind (of Junior school…)

Daily Telegraph aruba cayenne hammocks

Judith Wood, writing for the Daily Telegraph, has a similar idea. Holidays abroad can be costly stressful affairs, so for those with money or time issues why not treat yourself to a holiday at home? Judith has a list of luxuries that can give you that relaxing break in the comfort of your own home, and we are pleased to say that our lovely Aruba Cayenne hammock is in there, along with the Apollo stand.

If you’d like to read Judiths article (and it is an entertaining read!) you can follow the link below.


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