Thanks to our customers for the donations

Just before I started Mypashmina and dealing with cashmere and pashminas, I spent 6 months in Nepal. I came accross a really good charity that helps to keep kids in school. They do some really good work in a direct and efficient way (no toyota land cruisers, hotel confernces and all that crap). Please see to find out more.

So since the beginning, we have had links on the checkout pages of our websites – and giving customers the chance to donate.

Between February 7th last year and February 11th this year our lovely customers have donated £1589. Nine generous donations were for £50 , so as promised, I will also give £50 for each one of those.

This means the total heading for Namaste Banepa today is £1996.15 ($3878.05) .

This is about 30% less than last year which is a bit depressing. But on a positive note it is enough to pay for the books, clothes and other costs neccessary to keep 25 children in school for a year.

If you are interested to help, please see where you will also find a video.
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