Why you should buy HAMACA hammocks and hanging chairs

Cayo Double Hammock – Carneval

Hamaca is our own brand. Anyone can buy our products on www.hammockheaven.co.uk. You can also sell our hammocks. Check what we can offer, such as hassle-free dropshipping to your webshop, on our wholesale website www.hamaca.co.uk

What is Hamacas background and philosophy?

We, who run Hamaca, are husband and wife team Paul and Caroline. We have been selling hammocks since 2004 both in England and in Sweden, and will soon open our warehouse in the United States. Caroline has studied human ecology at university. Paul has studied economics. Both are passionate about helping people in poor countries and to combat environmental pollution in the ways that is possible, where we can also make a living.

There is something more behind the idea than “just” making a living

We believe it does not help so much to send money to poor countries in the form of aid. This money often end up in the pockets of corrupt politicians and organizations unfortunately, from what we have seen from our experience. We are not saying that the aid does not help at all, just that it doesnt solve the problem. It is just a “quick fix”.

What we have seen that really helps is to give people in “poor” countries real jobs. By choosing to produce our hammocks in India and Colombia, and expanding the operations to other countries, we provide hundreds of jobs. Our requirements are in addition, that the working conditions are good and the wages are decent.

Why You Should Buy Hamaca Hammocks And Hanging Chairs

Where are HAMACAs hammocks made?

Hamacas hammocks are manufactured in Colombia and India. We are looking to start manufacturing in Brazil and El salvador as well, and are in the process of finding a good partner that meets our high standards.

How are Hamacas hammocks made?

We can control how the hammocks are produced since we are the ones choosing where to have them made. We can choose who we want to hire to get the raw materials. The wood that we use for example, are from FSC-certified forests.

The colors are AZO-free. They are synthetic, but has minimal environmental impact. We have experimented with vegetable dyes. Unfortunately the demand was too small and the colors have varied too much or else we would have had this as an alternative.

The cotton we use for our Colombian hammocks are made of recycled cotton fabric. The cotton industry requires incredible amounts of water and land. By selecting a product that is made of recycled materials it makes it much more environmental that producing new cotton, even if it is organic. The land and water that would have been used for the cotton production can be used for something else instead.

Why You Should Buy Hamaca Hammocks And Hanging Chairs
Cayo Coast Hammock from Hammock Heaven

Why use a hammock or hanging chair?

Hammocks and hanging chairs are so comfortable! We think they should be in every home and garden. A hammock is not only comfortable but also stylish and practical. If you feel you need something that brightens up your home it is definitely a good idea to have such a thing like a hanging chair in your living room. Add some pillows and a blanket and it will be a super-cozy hideaway.

A hanging chair or hammock in your home also saves space and goes well to complement or replace for the example sofas.

A hanging chair or hammock is additionally economical to have. Compare their costs for a couple of hanging hangings instead of having a sofa group, for example. It will be a great solution for anyone who is economical and is the perfect gift for those young ones who have just moved away from home.

A hammock or hanging chair is furthermore synonymous with summer and holidays. The garden is simply not complete without the hammock. How could anyone have a holiday without a hammock? An impossibility for us who are snowed in the hammock world..!

Why you should buy your hammock from us

Well, if the above reasons has not already convinced you, I can add that a hammock from HAMACA is just not the same thing as a hammock from the cheap chain stores. Hamaca can not possibly compete with the discount hammocks in cheap chain stores because the people behind it doesnt get the same wage and the material is probably the cheapest available on the market so the quality and ethics behind it is just not the same.

The question is whether you want a hammock that will last just one season or one that lasts a decade or more. It is up to the buyer completely. If you prefer the latter and like our ethical standards, you already know just why you should buy a hammock from HAMACA. (see our webshop www.hammockheaven.co.uk)

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